Achutan Kudallur


Achuthan Kudallur is one of the passionate popular painters in India. Though, he did his engineering but suddenly he thought of pursuing his career as a painter. Then once he decided to take painting as the fulltime career option and there he found lots of creativity and thought that he can able to contribute as an artist or a creative master. Achuthan is a Malayali and was born and brought up in Chennai. He was fascinated with Malayalam writing and then he found that he can translate his reading into paintings. His paintings are more than dots and colors and all his compositions are able to scratch one’s mood and mind. Playing with colors was his hobbies and he always used to use the bold and subtle colors to explore the best out of him. Most of his paintings are able to create a chaos and people find the symbolic orders from these paintings. He was always very favorites of critiques.

Education & Work

Achuthan Kudallur is one of the painters in India, who did not have any sort of formal training. The best part in his career that he was never in touch of any reputed painter but he is one of the best expressive painters we have in our nation. Achuthan had only attended some of the evening art classes and that too from local college. Achuthan,is a diploma holder in Civil Engineering and he has always liked being known as a painter.

Some how he was attracted towards painting and he always love to communicate with limitless possibilities of colors and finally that drew him to paint abstract art. Achthan being an artist was grown up in the atmosphere where the society was dominated with Gandhian values. He has also read lots of books of Ramakrishna and Vivekananda. His great outlook towards life and always reflected in all his art forms. We can differentiate some of his paintings with joyous, riotous distinct use of colors. Again there are several paintings which reflect the melancholic and tragic situations.

The artist’s paintings were been featured and exhibited in more than 24 solo shows. Again, he has participated in several group exhibitions and that too in major Indian metropolitan cities. These cities include Mumbai, Bangalore, Madras, Delhi and Kolkata Along with several group exhibitions he has also participated and appeared several in many art camps. He visited several foreign cities like Dubai, London, Hong Kong and France.

Awards and Accolades

Achuthan Kudallur has served as the Commissioner for the X Indian International Triennial in 2001. He has received a National Academy Award in 1988. He got the famous Lalit Kala Academy Award in 1982.

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