Arpita Singh


Born in West Bengal, Arpita Singh is an acclaimed artist who hails from Delhi. She is bestowed with unique artistic prowess that immaculately depicts the life of real women. Her expertise involves creating magical and exquisite paintings with her color palette.  Vibrancy and energy portray out of her works that are the reflections of her emotions and artistic excellence.

Arpita Singh was born in the year 1937 in Bara Nagar, West Bengal. Distressed with the life and status of the women in her country as well as globally, she paints the emotions, hope and condition of the women in an impeccable way, which gives piquancy and edge to her work. Her journey as an artist embarked with experimenting water color paintings on paper. Later, she attempted to display her talent in figurative art using oil paints on canvas.

Education & Work

She has acquired a diploma in Fine Arts, from the School of Art, Delhi Polytechnic, New Delhi. After completing her graduation, she worked for the Indian Government's Cottage Industries Restoration Program, where she met some of the applauded traditional artists and weavers who have influenced her to a great extent and have impacted her artwork.

Traditional Indian motifs have greatly influenced her style of art. That is why an onlooker gets to revel-in bright appealing hues that emit out of Arpita’s artwork. She has worked as an Art designer at the Weaver’s Service Center of Calcutta and Delhi. Famous as a figurative artist and a modernist, Arpita also hands in traditional Indian art forms and aesthetics, including miniaturist painting and several other forms of folk art.

She had attended several solo exhibitions and has contributed in many group exhibitions, including the Royal Academy of Arts, London (1982), Centre George Pompidou, Paris (1986), Halle de L'lle, Geneva (1987), Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi (1977). With her first solo exhibition in 1972 at Kunika Chemould Gallery, her treasuring artwork has been featured in shows of Indian art.

Her sumptuous illustration also portrays the impinging violent threats and vulnerabilities happening now and then. Through her masterworks, she brilliantly displays the serious issues that need immediate resolutions. With some of her paintings, she has brilliantly portrayed the cultural and traditional values.  

'The Lily Pond' is one of her masterpiece that speaks about the violence in the country. The painting is about the toxic fallout of 9/11 and the US imposition of the Patriot Act.

Wish Dream(2000-2001)is one of her magnificent mural painting that was sold for record price in an auction worldwide. The embellishing artwork was setup on different dimensions using sixteen individual canvases.

Awards and Accolades

Described majorly as a figurative and a modernist, Arpita Singh has bagged several awards and accolades for her remarkable artworks.  In the year 1998-99, government of Madhya Pradesh has presented her with a prestigious Kalidas Sanman award. Moreover, in the year 2011, she received India’s third highest civilian honour, the Padma Bhushan for her remarkable artworks. Other honors bestowed on Arpita Singh are All India Drawing Exhibition award (1981, 92); Algeria Biennale (1987), and Parishad Sanman, Sahitya- Kala Parishad award.

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