Arzan Khambatta


Born in the year 1966, Arzan Khambatta is a quintessential Parsi boy from the Dadar Colony in Mumbai. He is a well-qualified architect and sculptor. He graduated from the Rachna Sansad's Academy of Architecture in India.

His father being a renowned architect, Mr. Khambatta comes from an architectural backdrop. He is happily married to Khushnuma Khambatta and blessed with two kids Tianna and Pezanne. Architecture was the obvious profession that he pursued after completing his schooling. His office is well-established since the year 1954.

Arzan, after completing his graduation in 1991, started practicing architecture full-time with his father. Gradually, sculpting replaced his work. He is known to be a complete fitness junkie as he practices yoga, running, and cycling, and performs triathalon workouts on a regular basis.

Education & Work

Arzan’s fascination with the metal instigated at the age of 16, when got his first break while assisting an eminent artist Mr. Anand Mohan Naik in the Adi Davierwala's Sculptor workshop. Since then, he experimented with other mediums such as wood, clay, and papier mâché. He was also enthralled with scraps, which he welded together for designing artworks that he named Scriptures.

Khambatta is renowned for his immaculately mystic and enigmatic work. By using metal as a medium, he infused his imagination in various masterpieces. He is widely known as the “man with the Midas-touch”. Arzan Khambatta’s artwork & sculptures are festooned in lobbies and mantels across India and abroad.

His famous work that caught close attention and accolades of connoisseurs include “The Horse Head “in 1983, and “The Mughal” in 1985. His first solo art display was in 1993 at the Jahangir Art Gallery, followed by various other exhibitions showcased in the year 1996 and 1999.

He has also actively participated in several other exhibitions, including Comfortably Numb at Jehangir Art Gallery in Kala Ghoda (Mumbai), Museum Art Gallery in Kala God (Mumbai), Salt Water Grill in Chowpatty (Mumbai), Fresh in Jahangir Art Gallery (Mumbai), Sculpterrains in Brila Academy of Art (Mumbai), Scriptures III ", Jahangir Art Gallery (Mumbai), Scriptures I in Jahangir Art Gallery (Mumbai), and Scriptures II in Jahangir Art Gallery (Mumbai).

Apart from this, he also organized and participated in events like Kids Art Classes at Azan Studio (Mumbai), and Color Goda at Kala Goda (Mumbai).

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