Ashok Bhowmick


Ashok Bhowmick is one of the renowned contemporary painters whose artworks are mostly figurative and literary give life lifeless objects. He makes a niche in Bengal School of Art of his outstanding achievements in the field of painting. Born on 31st July 1953, he has devoted his life in painting and the influence of his dedication towards fine arts is evident from his paintings. His work reflects the expression of a revivalist who has in-depth insight on old Indian tradition portraying in a contemporary manner.

Bhowmick believes that urban art is often the expression of isolated or socially or spiritually uprooted individuals deprived of material life around with no responsibility whatsoever. These individuals have enough time to think and pen picture their imaginations. The timeless significance and grandeur of old culture are still meaningful; however, they are badly in need of revival in fresh cotemporary form. He further adds that contemporary artists are capable of giving life to even dead wood through their style of expression.

Education & Work

Ashok Bhowmick holds a Diploma in Fine Arts from the Government College of Arts and Crafts in Kolkata. This artist has participated in various art exhibitions held across the globe where he has showcased his artworks time to time.

His famous artworks showcased in several solo and group art exhibitions include ‘Epic on Rock Shelters’ at Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai, Recent Works’ at Museum Art Gallery (Organized by Kumar Gallery), Retrospective 1997-2007’ at Kumar Art Gallery, Street children’, at Hamail Art Gallery, Lahore, Pakistan, Warli in Me and other paintings’, at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, Selected Works, at Kumar Gallery, New Delhi, Works On Paper, at Admit One Art Gallery, New York, USA, Art of Bengal , jointly organized by Art Today Art Gallery and Gallery Katayun at Delhi, Art Access-V exhibition, organized by Birla Academy of Art & Culture at Mumbai, Autumnal Applauds, organized by Katayun Gallery, Calcutta, Jewels of Contemporary Indian Art , organized by Concern India Foundation at Mumbai, Spirit of the Century, Kumar Art Gallery, to name a few.

Awards and Accolades

Ashok Bhowmick received the certificate of Merit and that too at Annual Exhibition of Government College of Art and Craft in Kolkata. Later in his life, he owned the Academy Award from Academy of Fine Arts in Kolkata. He has also bagged Governor Award from Govt. of West Bengal in 

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