Farhad Hussain


Farhad Hussian is a new generation artist who strives to blend vibrant colors in all his paintings that usually portray hard realities of human relationships. It is reported that his initial paintings were less complex, but the intricacies of human relationships were also exhibited then in a lighter manner. The artist once admitted that his initial works were portrayal of images that came from day to day visual experience. However, he pen-pictured these images with a touch of humor and sarcasm.

Born in 1975 in Jamshedpur, Farhad Hussian possesses innate power to give pictorial description to whatever he looks around. Since from his early days, he used to draw human figures and applied vibrant colors on them. Association of colors and themes reflected in his paintings was sown then. 

Education & Work

A Shantiniketan graduate in the year 2003, Hussian has succeeded in acquiring postgraduate diploma from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Baroda in 2005.  

If reports are to be believed, Farhad Hussian prefer to apply colors on cloth to create his canvases in order for improving the vibrancy of applied colors. The mélange of images with vibrant colors is a distinctive feature of Hussian’s paintings as his composition and layout is very spontaneous and intuitive. There is a revelation that Farhad’s artworks have been designed by applying color: dot-by-dot till the entire area is completely covered.

Several components from miniature paintings, Kalighat paintings, Japanese printings and images from mass media are analyzed, changed and shifted to the surface through the artist’s indigenous style of expression. In 2005, he has organized his solo show at Sarjan Art Gallery in Baroda prior to participating in group art exhibitions held at different national and international venues including Singapore, Hong Kong and New Delhi.

Awards and Accolades

In 2004, the contemporary artist had received the Nasreen Mohamedi scholarship from M.S. University in Baroda. Prior to that he was chosen the recipient of best water color in 1998 by the Indian Art College. At the same time, he was chosen the most promising artist by India Habitat Center in 2006. He now resides in New Delhi and flourishes his career further

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