G R Iranna


G R Iranna is an artist whose work goes beyond the precincts of time and space. It has been barely 10years since he started painting professionally, and his work is highly matured and reflective.

Born 1970 in Karnataka, GR Iranna completed his bachelor’s degree in fine arts from the college of Visual Arts in Gulbarga in 1992 and Master’s in Fine art from Delhi College of Art in 1994.He was also bestowed with Charles Wallace Scholarship between 1999 and 2000 and studied at Wimbledon School of Art, London. 

Education & Work

In 1992, GR Iranna completed his Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the College of Visual Art, in Gulbarga. After two years, he got his Master`s degree in painting from the College of Art, New Delhi. Between 1999 and 2000 he represented as artist-in-residence at Wimbledon School of Art, London.

Many of Iranna's paintings portray agony as an abstract force that is interpreted visually in battered textures and razor sharp cutting edges. His painting has always been far distant from a superseding and postmodern rationality.

Rather, Iranna has always made use of the ardent, evocative and modernist linguistic of Indian contemporary art. In his most recent works, you will be finding the articulate visualizations of confrontation.

In just one glimpse, spectator can feel the sense of massive dynamic energy that infuses the surfaces.

He majorly participated in numerous of group exhibition, including Spell of Spill', The Palette Art Gallery, New Delhi; On A Journey', Art Alive Gallery, Gurgaon; 'The Contemporary Sultanate', presented by Exhibit 320 at One Style Mile, Olive, New Delhi; 'Skin Deep: The Art of Fibreglass', The Viewing Room, Mumbai; Melange', The Harrington Street Arts Centre, Kolkata; 'Reprise', Aicon Gallery, New York; 'Indian (Sub)Way', Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi; Grosvenor Vadehra, London; 'A. SYCO', The Viewing Room, Mumbai; 'Tales of Silence', Art Alive Gallery, New Delhi; 'Singularities', RL Fine Arts, New York; 'India Rising: Tradition Meets Modernity', presented by Ati Art Gallery at Varya, New Delhi; 'Retrieval Systems', Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre; Art Alive Gallery, New Delhi; 'Astonishment of Being', Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Kolkata; Think Small', Art Alive Gallery, New Delhi; Harvest 09: Part II', Arushi Arts, New Delhi; New Fables: Contemporary Voices', Gandhara Art Gallery, Kolkata; 'Big Dreams’, Crimson Art Gallery, Bangalore; Zip Files', Tao Art Gallery, Mumbai, to name a few.

GR Iranna also actively organized solo exhibitions, including Thought of the Day', Kashi Art Gallery, Kochi; 'Limning Heterotopias', Gallery Espace, New Delhi; 'Scaffolding the Absent', The Guild Art Gallery, Mumbai; 'Ribbed Routes', The Guild Art Gallery, Mumbai; ‘Birth of Blindness’, The Stainless Gallery, New Delhi and Aicon Gallery, London and New York; The Dance On the Horse', Berkley Square Gallery, London; Disorder and Early Sufferings', Gallery Muller and Plate, Munich; King of Clay’, Gallery ArtsIndia, New York and California; ‘Early Works’, Gallery Muller and Plate, Munich; Threads of Humanism’, Bodhi Art, New Delhi, Singapore, to name a few.

Awards and Accolades

G R Irannais was conferred with National Academy award in 1997, the M.F.Hussain and Ram Kumar award, Lalit Kala Academy Award and the AIFACS award

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