Jayshree Burman


Jayshree Burman is a renowned contemporary artist of Indian origin. Born into an aesthetic Hindu family in the year 1960 in Calcutta (Kolkata), she was influenced by art at a very early age in her life. Burman’s uncle, Shakti Burman, is one of the famous artists based in Paris. He exerted a deep influence on her thinking during her developmental years.

Her work is derived from the opulent Hindu mythology and is reflected in her style of artwork that articulately depicts the Indian folk element. Her mystic and enigmatic work has a lyrical and imagery touch, which imparts a unique sensitivity to her designs. In the recent years, she has emerged as one the India’s upcoming contemporary artists, who have devoted her paintings to feminism.

Education & Work

Jayshree Burman completed her schooling from Kala Bhavan in Shantiniketan. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Arts from the Visual College of Art and Craft (Kolkata). Later, she pursued her avuncular interest in printmaking under the guidance of Monsieur Ceizerzi in France. Therefore, her technique became a potpourri of fine linearity amalgamated with a connotation of free expression. Her paintings retain a sense of refreshing candor and reflect honesty.

The ease with which she successfully manages to weave the design and decorative element of folk idiom in her canvas, without losing its natural charm is unique in its own way. Her elevated concern for Indian women is evidently visible in her work. Burman, without regarding herself as a feminist, confesses her wish to see females contented in the bounties of life. She has illustrated woman as a free ceremonial bird, creature of the wood or as the mother Goddess in her immaculately designed images.

Burman has participated in various solo exhibitions in India and abroad, including “Fables and Folklore” showcased by the Mumbai’s Art Musings at Jehangir Art Gallery in the year 2010, “The Mythical Universe” organized by the Art Alive Gallery in New Delhi in 2010, “Sacred Feminine” exhibited at the Art Musings in Mumbai in 2006, “Fairytales and Laments: The Mythology of Jayasri Burman” organized by the Arts India in Palo Alto in 2005, to name a few. Other galleries that showcased her art realms are Jehangir Art Gallery (Mumbai), Gallery Sumukha (Bangalore), Gallerie Ganesha (New Delhi), Pundole Art Gallery (Mumbai), and the Chitrakoot Gallery (Kolkata).

Some of her recent paintings were also exhibited in selected group exhibitions, which includes “An Alternative Perspective” at the Centre of International Modern Art (Kolkata), “Women: Sacred and the Temporal” at the Shrishti Art Gallery (Hyderabad), “Aureus 2011” at Gallerie Nvya (New Delhi), “Size Matters or Does it?” at Latitude 28 (New Delhi), “Think Small” at Art Alive Gallery (New Delhi), and “Beyond the Form” at India Habitat Centre (New Delhi) and Jehangir Art Gallery (Mumbai).

Awards and Accolades

Jayasri Burman was awarded by the College of Visual Arts (Tempera) for her outstanding merits in the Annual Art Exhibition in the year 1979. She was bestowed with National Award by the Government of India in 1985. In 1987, she bagged Certificate of Merit from the All India Youth Art Exhibition.

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