Jiten Thukral and Sumir Tagra


Jiten Thukral and Sumir Tagra worked synergistically to produce passionate and darkly humorous works of art. Together, they worked as ‘Thukral and Tagra’ and forged a wide range of media; these works spanned across fine-looking paintings, installations as well as videos. Even today, their synchronized work sends up, criticizes and participates in the unrestrained and widespread punter culture in India.

Jiten was born in the year 1976 at Jalandar.

Sumir has his roots in the capital of India. He was born in 1979 and brought up in New Delhi.

Education & Work

Thukral successfully attained a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the esteemed Chandigarh College of Arts. Thereafter, he pursued a Master’s degree in Fine Arts from Delhi College of Art.

Tagra gained his Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art from the prestigious Delhi College of Art. Subsequently he went ahead with a post-graduation in Communication Design; for the course, he enrolled into the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad.

Thukral and Tagraare a creative duo; they have contributed immensely to the design and art domain of India since the millennium’s turn. Together, this twosome has time and again come up with masterpieces that haze the lines between high and low. All their commercial and artistic assignments as well as a wide array of art-expositions attain instant popularity and media hype.

Today, their works are displayed at museums and galleries. Some eminent works from this duo are the ‘Wonder Woman II’ in 2011, lotus flowers, a mix iconic Indian motifs and exemplary images inspired by the Western pop culture, like the Superman. Every single one of these handiworks are a deep insight into a juxtaposed creativity that encompasses of both Eastern and Western roots. So an onlooker gets to venerate the elements of customary and newfangled designs that are momentary in the Indian culture and at the same time represent the essence of the 21st century. Some of their solo shows have been listed year wise below:

  • 2008: ‘Somnium Genero’ at Gallery Barry Keldoulis, Sydney and ‘Thukral & Tagra’ at Chatterjee & Lal, Mumbai
  • 2007: ‘Put It On’ at Bose Pacia, New York &‘Everyday Bosedk’ at Nature Morte, New Delhi
  • 2005:‘Bosedkdesigns.com’ at Nature Morte, New Delhi &‘It’s About the Art Which Is Behind and Around the Art’ at Nature Morte, New Delhi.

The recent group shows from this pair comprise of the below listed exhibitions:

  • 2008: ‘Passage to India’ at Initial Access, the Frank Cohen Collection, Wolverhampton and ‘Imaginary Realities: Constructed Worlds in Abstract and Figurative Painting’ at Max Wigram Gallery, London
  • ‘Animamix: From Modernity to Eternity’ at MOCA Shanghai, ‘Pink’ at Galerie Mirchandani + Steinruecke, Mumbai &‘Does Size Matter?’ at Art Konsult, New Delhi. All three were exhibited in the year 2007. 

Awards and Accolades

They have been recognized by the eminent Wallpaper Magazine. They are now enlisted as one amongst world’s best 101 emerging international designers. At present they have set up their work base in New Delhi

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