Samir Mondal


Samir Mondal is a pioneer in the field of Fine Arts, who has built a niche in Indian water color painting realm through magnificent demonstration of his work. Born on March 13, 1952, Mondal is a distinguished watercolor painter in India, who has contributed immensely for the continual revival of watercolor in painting. It is interesting to note that the artist has been inspired from the effects of oil in painting and as a result of which most of his artworks showcase textures and structural features that embody the richness and substance reflected from oil-painting.

During his childhood in rural Bengal, Samir used to play and experiment with natural pigments like ash, red clay, flower petals, leaves, etc. He used to stir such pigments with water in order for drawing decorative designs. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that water and colors have been the part of his work since inception. In his view, he has attained expertise in watercolor painting after getting exposed to the techniques of the British masters and Chinese watercolors with bold brush strokes while pursuing higher studies in the Government Art College, Kolkata.

Education & Work

Samir Mondal attained a degree in fine arts from the Government College of Arts & Craft in Kolkata in the year 1975. He moved to Germany after completing his graduation to pursue higher studies. Later, he tied the nuptial knot with Madhumita in 1980, whom he had met while pursuing his graduation. The couple has two children - Somok and Jhinuk, and the family is now well-settled in Mumbai after their brief stay in Bangalore.

It is interesting to note that Mondal has participated in several solo art exhibitions in India and abroad and he has also celebrated completing more than 25 years of journey in the creation of watercolor paintings. He has also earned laurels for some of his exceptional artworks that include “The Performer”, “The War and the Butterflies”, “Women in Nature, Shelter and Alisha”. In addition, he has showcased his illustrations in popular group exhibitions like ‘Freedom of Expression’ and ‘Tribute to Mother Teresa’ organized by the RPG Enterprises; ‘100 Years of Indian Cinema’, ‘People for Animals’, ‘Art with a Heart’ at the National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai; ‘Celebrations-97’ at the Napa Art Gallery, Nepal; ‘Confluence’ at Art Connoisseur Gallery, London, and Gallery Asiana, New York in collaboration with Gallery Sumukha, Bangalore; to mention a few.

Awards and Accolades

As India’s most talented and successful watercolor artist, Samir has received several prominent awards from different spectrums of art circles. He has been chosen twice for the West Bengal State Academy Award and AIFACS, New Delhi Award

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