Seema Kohli


Seema Kohli is a highly acclaimed Indian artist.She was born in 1960 in New Delhi. Her work divulges appealing of feminine prejudices, a completelyreformed concept of female sexuality.

Her works emphasizes more on woman's physical powers and aspects, her intellect, beliefs, visions and truths. The spectator can feel a sense of ultimatemerriment of exquisiteness, sensuality and tenderness in her art.

Education & Work

She completed her B.A (Hon.) in Philosophy from Miranda House, Delhi University in 1981. Later in 1983, she enrolled herself for a Diploma in Applied Arts (ITI) from South Delhi Polytechnic, New Delhi.

Seema's most recent thematic arrangement has been that of the 'Hiranyagarbha', that stemmed from a mantra of the Yajur Veda, depicting the discreet and refinedexquisiteness of persistentproliferation. All her works is abeautiful manifestationof her prayers to the ceaseless self, which can be considered as a way of meditation. These works are mystical but not devout, discovering with them, a rhythmicallygraceful and ornatelysensual and tender female form.

Her work have immaculatelysubstantiated in diverse mediums over past 18years, some persistent, being the pursuittowards her inner self, while other being an extension of her intangible and imaginative growth as an artist.

She has actively participated in various solo exhibition, including Synchronicity', A Jain Marunouchi Gallery, New York; Myth is Reality', presented by Gallery Art and Soul at Museum Gallery; Gallery Art and Soul, Mumbai; 'Mystical Narratives', Mahua Art Gallery, Bangalore; 'Swayam Sidha: Myth, Mind and Movement', presented by Gallery Nvya at Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi; 'A Philosophical Fantasy', Gallery Art and Soul, Mumbai; ‘Hiranya Garbha: The Golden Womb’, presented by Art Room at Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi; ‘Hiranya Garbha: The Golden Womb’, Gallery Space, Hyderabad; ‘Hiranya Garbha’, Chor Bazaar, London; ‘Alchemy’, organized by Arushi Arts at Kitab Mahal, Mumbai; The Eternal Womb’, Art Heritage, New Delhi; 'The Golden Womb', Anayas Art Gallery, New Delhi; ‘Random Introspection’, The Grand, New Delhi; ‘Random Introspection’, Maurya Marriot, New Delhi; The Golden Womb’, Triveni Kala Sangam and Maurya Marriot, New Delhi; ‘Spirited Sprite’, Triveni Gallery, New Delhi; ‘Reflections’, Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi; ‘Reflections’, Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi; The Quest’, All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society( AIFACS), New Delhi and Black and White’, ANZ Grindlays, New Delhi, to name a few.

Some of the selected group exhibition wherein Seema Kohlishowcased her paintingsincludesWomen: Sacred and the Temporal', Shrishti Art Gallery, Hyderabad; The Lost Sparrow', presented by Gallery Threshold at Visual Art Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi; 'Melange', The Harrington Street Arts Centre, Kolkata; 'Aureus 2011', Gallerie Nvya, New Delhi; Roots in the Contemporary', presented by Mahua Art Gallery, Bangalore at Kamalnayan Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai; 10 x 10', Gallery Threshold, New Delhi; Holy Now', presented by Religare Arts Initiative, New Delhi at Gallery 27, London; 'A. SYCO', The Viewing Room, Mumbai; Indian Art After Independence: Selected Works from the Collections of Virginia & Ravi Akhoury and Shelley & Donald Rubin', Emile Lowe Gallery, Hempstead; Transcending Boundaries', The Nehru Centre, London; Manthan', presented by Nitanjal Art Gallery at Galerie Romain Rolland, New Delhi; Ashtanayika: Messengers of Love', The Stainless Gallery, New Delhi; 'Dus Mahavidyas: Ten Creative Forces', presented by Gallerie Nvya at Visual Art Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi; Art for Freedom', organized by Tehelka at Aicon, London; Art for Freedom', organized by Tehelka at Aicon, London; Artscape’, presented by Old World Hospitality at Epicentre, Gurgoan; Art Felt, ’The Mixed Bag’, 100 years of CPI, Arpana Centre for Art and Literature Weaving Legacy IV, New Delhi and Sahitya Kala Parishad, Rabindra Bhawan, New Delhi, to name a few.

She has even participated in a joint exhibition along with Sridhar Iyer that was organized by Arushi Arts at Triveni Gallery in New Delhi in 2005.

Apart from this, she has actively exhibited her artwork in Synergy 2012', 12th Anniversary Show, Tao Art Gallery, Mumbai; Goddess, Lion, Peasant, Priest: Modern and Contemporary Indian Art', from the Collection of Shelley and Donald Rubin at Museum Oglethorpe, Atlanta; 'Celebrations 2011', Annual Exhibition, Kumar Art Gallery, New Delhi; 'Master’s Corner', organized by Indian Contemporary Art Journal at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai; India International Art Fair, New Delhi; 'Evolve: 10th Anniversary Show', Tao Art Gallery, Mumbai, to name a few.

Seema Kohli was a part of some of the highly prestigious national exhibitions conducted by Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi consecutively for two years, that is, 2007 and 2008.

Awards and Accolades

Seema Kohli has been honoured with Lalit Kala Akademi Award for women achievers in contemporary Indian art in New Delhi in 2008.

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