Shakti Burman


SaktiBurman is one of the most celebrated contemporary Indian Artists who was born in Kolkata in 1935. He is one of the contemporary Indian artists of Indian parentage, and they live in France. He was grown up in undivided Bengal now known as Bangladesh and the place was part of pre Independence India. SaktiBurman has lived in France for last five decades. He has always maintained the strong ties with India and in India, he often exhibits his works. SaktiBurman was married to a French Painter MaiteDelteil. His extended family is also involved in arts and paintings. In his family there are many eminent artists.           

SaktiBurman’s daughter Maya Burman is also an artist and lives and works in France. Famous artist JayasriBurmanis his niece and she considers that Shakti Burman is her only inspiration. PareshMaity is his niece’s husband and is also a notable painter and is the winner of several awards and art competitions. Shakti Burman has worked on several exhibitions in India and has a very different outlook towards his craft and he always had a fond of art and culture. Though he has lived most of his life in France, but he is truly an India.  

Shakti Burman is a notable painter and also a lithographer. Shakti Burman’s creations are mythic and also highlight the rich color and fantasy content.

Education & Work

Shakti Burman was one of the best students during his education days. He has studied at the Government College of Arts and Crafts in Kolkata. Later, he pursued his higher education at theEcoleNationale des Beaux Arts in Paris, France. His fantasies led him to express his dreams through colors and different artistic concepts. 

Burman’sfisrt solo exhibition was held in Kolkata in the year 1954. Once he started his journey as a painter, he was never stopped and has exhibited in so many exhibitions across the country. The venues are like the Galerie des Beaux-Arts, Paris; Piccadilly Gallery, London; GalerieDoucetCoutureau, Paris; Galleria NuovoSagittario, Milan; and GalerieSagar, Zurich. He is one of the acclaimed painters in the world who has abled to create a trademark of his own artistic approach.
Shakti Burman has contributed in various group shows. He has been exhibited his creations in several art exhibitions and recently his creations were exhibited in some of the most prestigious shows like 'Faces of Indian Art' by Art Alive at the Visual Art Gallery in New Delhi; ‘Understanding Oneness in Diversity’ at KitabMahal, Mumbai; ‘An Evening in Paris …Rome…London’ at Gallery Sanskriti, Kolkata; and 'Resonance' organized by Art Musings at Museum Gallery, Mumbai, all in 2007.

The paintings of SaktiBurmanconjure the look of a battered painting. The figures portrayed by Shakti Burman arekinds of eternal remembrance and one can’t fade the memory of experiencing such great creations. Burman was been efficient for both pointillism and the marbling effect. He has also succeeded achieving by blending of oils with acrylics.

Awards and Accolades

Shakti Burman was awarded with the Prix des Etrangers by the institution. He has also bagged the Silver Medal at the Salon de Montmorency along with the Prix des Etrangers, Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Paris in 1956.

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