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Every month we highlight the life and work of one of our talented artists whose works are garnering attention across the globe. Embark on this journey to explore this talented artist, know more about his life and work, hear him speak in our exclusive "Artist Speak" Section and indulge in his artistic journey as you read through his infographic !!

Amit Kalla makes use of his art very beautifully to perform meaningful experiments with social engagement and thus it is where his strength lies. He is having a very deep connection to a cultural expression of a universal spirituality as well as a passionate sense of humanity that enables him to instantly draws the attention of people from all communities towards the different acts of creativity. His poetry and paintings are spiritually apprehended creating a secretive universe of words. He always attempts to create a world through text where silence is enough to explain everything without speaking it to all. The most highlighted attribute is that his work gives a feeling of being left unfinished but then too it seems successfully completed.

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