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Sudakshina Ghosh


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Sudakshina is an artist from Kolkata who works brilliantly on canvas without any professional degree in art. She gained her tutelage from her mother who groomed her to become an artist. Though, she witnessed rich Indian culture and traditions for many years in Kolkata, but she was majorly enticed by women and their attire. She loved to observe their expressions at festive time and put them on her canvas. Her works display her elucidation of beauty in an effervescent color palette. Not only colors, but her charcoal works are also appreciated by people around the globe. She never stopped experimenting with mediums. One can also see a series of paintings where she used coffee. This medium allows her to pursue her artistic activity far and wide. Through her works, she would like to demonstrate the rich culture of her motherland and the endless beauty of people`s heart.

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