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Yogesh Bamni


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Yogesh Bamni is a self-taught artist from Maharashtra. He developed his interest in art at an early age. Despite his passion, he never thought of pursuing art as a sustainable career. He decided to shelf his interest and made a more practical and observable decision to study engineering. Yet there was a nagging feeling of being unfulfilled bubbling within him; that feeling pushed him to follow his dreams and he took art as his career. Yogesh specializes in painting portraits using various mediums like oil, acrylics, watercolor and sometimes mix-media. His art is a distinct depiction of the events and occurrences of the Society like social gatherings, parties and social events where major issues of the society are discussed. However, his choice of colors or mediums is not restricted to acrylics. He works with oil, water colors and even with metals depending on the requirement, irrespective of the theme.

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