Bijeta Nand

The Gate to The Heaven

The Gate to The Heaven 5152
This artwork is a Fretwork. The main work is based on leaves and branches. On the main dome two male angels singing with their musical instruments. They welcome those people who are hardworking, good hearted and Truthful. Two lady Angels hold the key of Heaven’s Gate. The Base of the Gate represents sun, which holds the gate to the heaven. The two trees represent heaven’s garden. Although the artist is pure Hindu but he thinks that the almighty super power God is only one so in the center of the gate he preferred to write his massage in Urdu. The four lights in the border represent the colorful life and the light of knowledge, which comes out from the heaven. One ninety-four-lotus flower represents the seat of the Goddess. The Two swans represent messengers from the heaven. The two suns represents, its always daylight in heaven and the clouds are providing shade for the people of heaven.  The artist takes the simple theme so that every people could understand his artwork and his feelings.

Original Artwork

Artwork Lot No: 5152
Category: Sculpture
Size: 183 x 10 x 91 cm/72 x 4 x 36 inches
Medium: Wood
Surface: Wood
Sold By: Artist Bijeta Nand

570,000/ $8,143

Tags: Religion Paintings, Contemporary Paintings,

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Bijeta Nand

The Gate to The Heaven

Lot No: 5152
Medium: Wood
Surface: Wood
Size: 72 x 4 x 36 inches

Price 570,000/ $ 8,143

Bijeta Nand

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