How to Buy Indian Paintings Online: Original v. Fake- Part 2

Posted by Prashali Malik on Nov 15, 2019 03:04:14 pm

There is a heroism in crime as well as in virtue. Vice and infamy have their altars and their religion. ---------- William Hazlitt I think fame and infamy are two sides of the same coin. One would always accompany the other. There is no person whether natural, legal or mythological who has been subjected to the scrutiny of the general public. Similarly, the art world has been replete with examples of imitation artists who have been kissed by fame despite their shady involvements. So, buyers need to be vigilant when buying contem... Read more>>

How to Buy Indian Paintings Online: Original v. Fake - Part 1

Posted by Prashali Malik on Nov 12, 2019 06:16:06 pm

An original artist is unable to copy. So he has only to copy in order to be original. --------- Jean Cocteau The dilemma of original and fake festers people’s thoughts when they are to buy Indian paintings online and see it as a promising piece of investment. I think the abovementioned quote was taken literally by some vendors of fake art. But, to the contrary, the great French poet and play writer wanted to explain how something is always inspired by something. The person adopts the idea to create an ingenious one that is... Read more>>

How the Internet Influences the Sale of Paintings Online!

Posted by Prashali Malik on Nov 05, 2019 11:34:18 am

Meticulous emergence of the Internet has become the foundation of this digitized age. According to a report published by the Internet and Mobile Association of India on September 2019, India houses 12% of the total internet using population around the world. It comes second after China followed by the USA. The Indian art market is so affected by it that you may now buy paintings online and sell them too. The inexorable development of the internet has embedded it in every facet of our art world. The consequence of the convolution of... Read more>>

Best Diwali Paintings Online Everyone Wants to Get!

Posted by Prashali Malik on Oct 21, 2019 12:08:10 pm

Diwali is a festival that is celebrated on the dark night of Amavasya or on the night of the new moon- the time when the Indian subcontinent is filled with absolute darkness. So, the festival of light was first celebrated in the Satyug to commemorate the arrival of Lord Raam back to Ayodhya after decimating evil in Lanka. Devotees worship Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha for prosperity and light candles and earthen lamps at their homes. They clean their dwelling places and decorate them with articles of religious motifs. You may also ... Read more>>

The Precursor for the Plummeting Soul- Ganesha Paintings

Posted by Prashali Malik on Oct 16, 2019 10:56:38 am

Some relationships are stronger than the bonds of blood and they are forged by trust and the ability to withstand any adverse circumstances. One of those relationships is that of a student with his teacher. A teacher or a Guru shapes the character of his student and make him realize his true potential as against the lashings of the destructive criticism of the world. Vighnaharta Lord Ganesha is like that Guru. ‘Gu’ means ‘Andhkaar’ or Darkness and Ru means Destroyer. So, a teacher enlightens with the light of w... Read more>>

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