4 Famous Abstract Artists of India

Posted by Kanika on Apr 09, 2020 10:16:17 am

Finding its origin in the late 19th century, abstract art was pioneered by many forward thinking painters. Representing a pivotal moment in modernism, this art form has manifested through the years and is widely celebrated for its avant-garde aesthetic. As a catalyst for the contemporary art movement, abstract artists rejected the rules and techniques of traditional art. Rather than focusing on figurative and representational depictions, abstract artists emphasised on colour, composition, process and emotion of their artwork. He... Read more>>

Artistic Journey of Indian Portrait Art

Posted by Kanika on Mar 25, 2020 02:25:36 pm

The story of Indian portrait art is a riveting and fascinating journey. From cave paintings, frescoes, and sculptures to painted photographs, portraiture in India has undergone a drastic change over the centuries. Defined as a recognizable representation of human individuals, the role of the portrait in India is multi-faceted. These images serve as the official chronicle revealing the history of the period and the personality of the individual depicted. At the same time, Indian portraiture also elaborates on the role of patronage i... Read more>>

All You Need To Know About Portrait Art

Posted by Kanika on Mar 23, 2020 03:19:27 pm

‘Mona Lisa’ is one of the most iconic and recognizable portraits in the world. Painted by Leonardo da Vinci between1503 and 1506, it is an enigmatic half-length portrait painting wherein Mona Lisa’s captivating gaze and smile radiates mystery, sensuality as well as contentment. Owing to this depth and complexity of expression, this magnificent artwork is often regarded as the pinnacle of portraiture. Portraiture is a very old art form and dates back to more than thousands of years ago when it was reserved for depi... Read more>>

Celebrating the Grandeur of Ganesha Tanjore Painting

Posted by Kanika on Mar 17, 2020 03:08:51 pm

Traditionally used to decorate the prayer rooms, attics and other places of worship, Tanjore paintings have begun to find a place in plush living spaces as well as corporate offices. Owing to the newfound love of art enthusiasts as well as collectors and nouveau riche buyer, demand for eye-catching Tanjore paintings particularly Ganesha is increasing rapidly. Characterized by a blend of religious grandeur and earthy sensuality, these timeless paintings have hardly been well understood. Unlike other traditional Indian art forms, it ... Read more>>

Spectacular Indian Sculpture Artists of Modern Era

Posted by Kanika on Mar 11, 2020 01:25:13 pm

Many Indian artists began with European echoes imbibing a lot of Western styles such as realism, cubism, abstraction and more in their work. However, it was during the post-independence period that Indian sculptures slowly pared down the existing dogmas and created works celebrating the simplicity of contours and minimalism. Today, there is more of a fusion of trends, wherein modernist Indian sculptors depict Indian mythology and history with the accents of European art forms and styles. We profile popular Indian sculpture artis... Read more>>