Your House Need A Splash Of Indian Art Paintings - Read Below To Know Why!

Posted by Tarandeep kaur on Jun 24, 2022 11:56:03 am

Indian Art Paintings and various other forms of Indian art are known to be a form of expression. It showcases the pinch of creativity along with a sense of opulence and a feel of luxury. Indian art paintings as home decor help us to connect with society and its culture.  Indian culture and art Do you know that Indus Valley Civilization's prehistoric era is when Indian Art first appeared? You know, historical art reveals details about the lives of our ancestors. The artifacts show influences from Islam, Jainism, Buddhism... Read more>>

Indian Art Prints for your Home Decor

Posted by Tarandeep kaur on Jun 21, 2022 03:29:37 pm

We relax our bodies, refresh our homes and re-energize our minds at home. We don't want to decorate our home with artwork that is too loud or too different from what we want, but ensure that Indian art prints provide a soothing effect to the eye. Putting up a calm painting that portrays love, sacrifice, and devotion, according to the top art experts, always adds positivity to the environment. Having stated that, I recommend that you purchase Radha Krishna paintings for your home. Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha's fascinating... Read more>>

5 Basic Tips Figurative Paintings

Posted by Tarandeep kaur on Jun 06, 2022 11:28:37 am

What are Figurative Paintings? Also known as ‘Figurativism’, Figurative paintings are known to represent an art form that has derived from real-life sources. In India, they are known as the art form which is a representational painting style- but varies from that of contemporary art.  While it is known to represent and illustrate modern art with rooted reference to that of the real world. The artform of figurative paintings is a combination of lines, shape, and color- all inspired by real life. The illuminations... Read more>>

Techniques to Create Acrylic Paintings Of Lord Shiva

Posted by Tarandeep kaur on Jun 03, 2022 05:15:30 pm

Do you want to come up with some new acrylic paintings of Lord Shiva ideas? You might wish to attempt some stunning acrylic painting techniques to give your creations a new look. Acrylic painting techniques are many and are directly related to their features, therefore having some previous knowledge of these acrylic painting techniques before you begin is beneficial.  There is various art for sale online available too. Get some amazing deals for your home decor along with abstract paintings of lord shiva.  So, whether ... Read more>>

Durga Paintings And Its Significance

Posted by Tarandeep kaur on May 30, 2022 12:28:59 pm

Goddess Durga in the Durga paintings are known to showcase the power of the Female along with positive energy and divine energy. As per the Hindu Mythology, all these characteristics must fight the evil and the demons- protecting one's family against the wickedness. She is known to protect other devotees from the power of evil and safeguard them. Goddess Durga is thought to be the combined form of Goddesses Lakshmi, Kali, and Saraswati. Goddess Durga is also thought to have been created by Lord Vishnu as a warrior goddess to pr... Read more>>