Tribal Art

Posted by Naina Arora on May 28, 2014 04:26:13 pm

Art is not for the possession by recognized painters but it is an authentic mode of expressing ones feelings. India has gifted the world some magnificent and rare masterpieces comprise of tribal artwork which describes the cultural beauty and diversity of the country. Indian tribal art has a distinct position among all the art forms. It is a class apart, well respected and admired by everyone. This art helps the viewers to feel the lives and lifestyle of the Indian tribes. This art has positivity in its various themes and ideas lik... Read more>>

Comparison Of Abstract And Figurative Art

Posted by Naina Arora on May 27, 2014 02:51:07 pm

Since so many years a gap has developed between the artists who do figurative and abstract work. Every group of artist considers themselves superior. The figurative artists feel that a good eye and technical skills are required for this art and abstract artist consider their art as work of intelligence and true trademark. If we define the two, a human figure or any other recognizable object in the art which can be easily identified is figurative art and if the subject of a work is not based on any recognizable thing then it is an a... Read more>>

An overview Of Mural Art

Posted by Naina Arora on May 26, 2014 12:49:32 pm

Inherently mural painting is different from other forms of paintings. This art has tried to instill emotions in us by giving large impressions on walls and ceilings. Most often it is used to decorate public spaces like buildings and portrays different themes. It is used to improve and enrich the interiors. Murals are considered as an effective tool of achieving social and political goals as they have a dramatic impact on the attitudes of the passing by passengers. Many towns have begun using this mural art to attract the tourists w... Read more>>

Madhubani Art

Posted by Shashvat Vats on May 23, 2014 02:12:38 pm

Every nation has its legacy with respect to its culture, tradition, and art. India is no different. Infact, a plethora of traditional Indian art forms still continues to awestruck the art lovers. One such art form is the famous Madhubani paintings or Mithila paintings. Started from the Mithila region of Bihar (North India), the Madhubani paintings are said to have their origin way back to the times of Ramayana (Hindu religious epic). It is said that King Janak was preparing for the marriage of his daughter Sita to Lord Ram... Read more>>

Techniques Of Acrylic Painting

Posted by Naina Arora on May 22, 2014 02:03:00 pm

As compared to other mediums Acrylic paint is a new medium which is added to the world of painting only since 1950's. A lot of practice and patience is required to learn acrylic painting. Mostly artist prefer doing landscape painting in the beginning because it is the easiest way of starting this medium. Next level of this medium is usually portrait painting. Versatility, permanence and ease of use are few benefits of using acrylic painting. It can be applied as thickly as required like in impasto or as thin as required like in... Read more>>

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