Paintings of Famous Indian Artists Are Available Online

Posted by Arijit Mukherjee on Aug 08, 2014 01:06:36 pm

Indian artists are so rich in arts that they have admirers around the globe and these creative magicians have become the face for Indian Arts and Culture. Painting is a way to expressing views and opinions. In India we have so many expensive creative talents who   have represented our countries in the world's arena. From Abonindranath Tagore to Jamini Roy, all of these creative magicians have made us proud with their unique creative sense. The modern painters are taking forward the legacy with their beautiful creations and ha... Read more>>

Famous Realism Painting Styles

Posted by Neeti Patial on Aug 07, 2014 05:38:04 pm

The Realism painting is one of the forms of India art that eloquently depicts life as it really appears without any added glorification, drama or emotion. It was a movement that made an attempt to keep the artist's interpretation of ideas and imagination to a bare minimum. The basic notion is to represent life in its natural way which often includes the usual, the mundane and even the unpleasant part. Any message that seems to stem from a realistic painting is meant to be a straight outcome of what was in reality happening at t... Read more>>

Indian Art to Revamp a Home

Posted by Geetanjali Mukherjee on Aug 07, 2014 01:53:43 pm

Indian paintings have deep-rooted origins and are highly inspired by the art styles of the by-gone era. The royal courts, rich mythology and glorious festivities of this land still enliven the art styles existing in the Indian art street today. Art lovers in India and connoisseurs across the globe love to collect Indian art. Some of them display their Indian art assortment in personal galleries while others use them for refurbishing their offices or homes.   How to revamp a room with beautiful Indian paintings? Indian pa... Read more>>

Elegant Indian Art Exclusively For Modern Homes

Posted by Geetanjali Mukherjee on Aug 05, 2014 06:09:57 pm

Art galleries especially those online, allow buyers to invest in choicest artworks. These can be customized according to the needs of one's home. Accordingly the art can be made to fit into any type of theme or decor to suit the best needs of an art enthusiast. How to decorate your home with Indian art? Indian art is a representation of the rich cultural heritage of this ancient land. In order to make the most out of such an art-piece, it is advisable to incorporate it into a theme-based decor. This decor should have insight... Read more>>

Madhubani Painting: Narrating Indian Mythology

Posted by Neeti Patial on Aug 05, 2014 11:44:33 am

Colors are essential to our being, as we correlate them easily with our different states of our mind. Interestingly, these correlations are more or less unanimously accepted. Each and every color is ascribed distinctive traits in the realms of positive and negative. In spite of our different backgrounds, we all come to an understanding with a mysterious like-mindedness on the manifestation of colors! Significance of Colors in Art If you try to discover about the core concept of colors, then you will realize that it lies in the e... Read more>>