Every once in a while you work on grooming yourself. You get a haircut, treat your skin, and buy some clothes and what not. But have you ever thought about the space you live in? Then what has stopped you from sprucing it? Is it money? If yes, then we do agree with you on this that art is a costly affair. Until and unless, you are not buying the works of emerging artists or prints, you end up burning a hole in your pocket. Isn’t it?

But should money be a reason big enough to stop you from decorating and revamping your house?

No. It never should be.

You can look for affordable art options, visit an abstract art gallery, or maybe skip the thought of buying anything altogether. How about trying to make something on your own? Sounds  interesting? Right?

So, in this blog, we tell you the little things you can do to enhance the look of your space. Buying these things would not cost you much. These smart tips and the magic of your hands is all that you need. Let’s begin.

Paint the walls –

The most important thing before hopping to creating the paintings are the walls on which they will be hanged. Look at them. Is the paint chipping off or looking way to dull or dirty? If yes, paint the walls first. We suggest you use white color. It is the most serene color. Not just this you also get the freedom to place the art of any color, you would not need to think of the color scheme before placing anything. However, if you have children in your house, choose some other color as chances are they will ruin the pure white color way sooner. Also, if you feel that all white is just not your type, paint one wall with a dark color of your choice.

Recognize the empty spaces-

If you don’t want to paint, skip that step. Take a walk around your house and recognize the spaces that are empty. Basically, you need to spot the spaces around your houses that can be used to place candle stands, lamps, cushions and other such little similar items. You can even change the lighting of the room. For instance, in your bedroom, use lamps and bulbs with orange lighting and use fluorescent light in the living room.

Unleash your inner artist-

The best part of home decoration would be this, we promise. When you don’t have the budget to buy a painting from an abstract art gallery, you don’t drop your idea of revamping the interiors of your home instead you make things on your own. Trust me even if you were not good in art back then in your school, you still would be able to make a good abstract art. Buy some acrylic colors and bring out the latent artist in you. Make some cubes, throw some paint in different graphical shapes or just search on the internet- ‘simple abstract art’ or ‘simple abstract paintings' to begin with.

Print quotes –

While you also have the option to print images of the paintings from the internet, they won’t be able to beat the inspirational quotes written in beautiful calligraphy. Print or write the quotes on your own if you have got a good handwriting. Frame it and place it wherever you want to. We suggest you place them in the study room, rest depends on the kind of quote written.

Frame printed fabrics-

In every household, you will find some antique dupattas and printed fabrics. So, raid your mother’s wardrobe. Look for the fabric of sarees and dupattas that she isn’t using anymore. Cut the cloth, stretch it and paste it on the canvas. Framing this is optional. Be it colorful or traditional, using them will elevate the ambiance with almost no cost involved. Isn’t that so cool?

Make a pinboard-

Remember the good old days when there were no virtual pinboards. It’s time to get back to them. Buy a pin board and stack it up with all things fancy. You can place magazine cutouts, quotes you love, photographs, memories, map and what not.

Let your child create-

Believe it or not, your child might not make a landscape properly yet but he can make a good abstract art. The mind of a child is really creative and spontaneous and that’s what abstract art is all about. Let him create something and ditch the thought of visiting an abstract art gallery.  If not this, give him some brushes, threads or straws to make spray, thread or blow painting respectively.

Lastly, we aren’t denying that the paintings made by artists are way better than what you will make. They know the technique and have the right set of skills but just in case you don’t have the budget, you can try the aforementioned tips. When you have the amount of money to invest in the piece you love, go to the abstract art gallery and buy it. Till then, make your home a bit more yours by creating these little things yourself.