Pop Art is one of the most popular forms of artwork. It was first introduced in in Great Britain, towards the end of the 1950s. It was created by the artists who wanted to eliminate conventionality from abstract expressionism, and span the wide gap between piece of art and general populace. And, this they did by bringing together day-to-day objects like flags and soup cans in their paintings.

This form of art appreciates popular culture, or what we also call substantial culture. It does not criticize the magnitudes of covetousness and consumerism; it simply identifies its ubiquitousexistence as a natural fact.

The artists created pop art in a candid manner, using intrepid swaths of primary hues, every so often straight from the can or tube of paint. They implemented profit-making methods like silk-screening, or twisted multiples of works, moderating the artist's hand and challenging the idea of inventiveness- in marked distinction with the highly dramatic, large-scaled abstract works of the Abstract Expressionists, whose work had subjugated postwar American art. 

Here are some of the key characteristics that Pop artists usually like to reflect in their piece of work:

* Decipherablemetaphors, drawn from common media and products.
* Typicallyused very bright and vibrant colors.
* Flat descriptionsswayed by comic books and newspaper photographs.
* Imageries of personalities or fictitious characters in comic books, advertisements and fan magazines.
* In sculpture, aground-breaking use of media.

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