Literally Abstract means something which cannot be defined. It relies on color, visual language, a line or texture to create the basic principles of design. It is a painter's view of the world along with its objects. The thoughts and imaginations of the artist are portrayed on the canvas in physical form in the form of abstract art. It may seem to you like squares and lines with color spots in between. At times it's so strange that people think what it could possibly mean.

In an abstract work, what matter the most is the simplification of shapes and forms. It originated through cubist art in Europe and in India, Harappa and Mohenjodaro show evidences of its existence. Ajanta's frescoes and Mahabalipuram's bulls and elephants could be referred to as abstract art. It acquired identity in 1910-20 and now it's the most distinguishing form of 20th century art.

To create an original abstract work it is not compulsory to do any training. Some basic skills would be sufficient. You can choose any of the medium to create an abstract art. It can be oil, ink or watercolor. A majority of people prefer watercolor on other mediums. This artwork is the best way to take out one's unexpressed emotions on canvas without using words.

It's a liberal form of modern art as it does not emphasize on technique and expertise. The work depends on the perspective of the artist and what he thinks about the world around him. The artwork is combination of the feelings and knowledge in painting and drawing of the artist which is produced on the canvas. To give the right impression to the work colors are very important.

Day by day the Indian Abstract is becoming popular because of its lovers and admirers. Initially the art industry was very restricted but now you can easily get the works which you admire through online art galleries.