S H Raza, Tyeb Mehta and M F Husain are the three renowned Indian artists who have gained success across various categories of art and also their spectacular creations have raised the charm of every abstract art gallery where their work was showcased.

The 21st century has brought in a plethora of changes in numerous categories. Right from the dawn of smartphones to the popularisation of the Internet, the numerous happenings which have taken place in this century till now are unique and significant. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that each and every genre of the business world has been impacted by a certain incident which occurred in this century. The happenings are so widespread that the art world hasn’t been left untouched by the miraculous touch of the 21st century. Whether it is the inception of online art galleries or the propagation of abstract art, numerous advancements have taken place in the span of the past few years.

India, the country which is known for its diverse culture and rich artistic heritage, has given the art world true gems in the form of marvellous painters. Indian artists have gained success across various genres of art and are celebrated for their great contributions. However, this blog would be specially catering to the subject of abstract art and will shed some light on the three famous painters of India whose talent left the entire world in awe.

Abstract Art Masters - S H Raza

S H Raza:

If there is one artist who has ruled the rate charts in the genre of Indian paintings, then it has to be S H Raza. Born in the year 1922 in the state of Madhya Pradesh, Raza moved to France in 1950 and has been working from there ever since. Majority of his creations carry the theme of Indian astrology and science. His love for bright colours can be witnessed in his paintings and this has become his trademark over the years. Lately, the artist earned the title of ‘The most expensive Indian artist’ when ‘Saurashtra’ (his creation) sold for a whopping 16.42 crore.

Abstract Art Masters - Tyeb Mehta
Tyeb Mehta:

The time when abstract art had started popularising in India, only a handful of Indian artists displayed the courage to break the shackles of traditional Bengal school to be a part of the new art movement. One of those brave artists was Tyeb Mehta. Born in the year 1925 in Mumbai, the artist at one point in time was considered as the most expensive artist of the country when his painting ‘Celebrations’ recorded a sale of 15 million. Nonetheless, the artist created numerous paintings which made him a member of the prestigious million-dollar art club. Unfortunately, in the year 2009, he bid adieu to the world and left many paintings incomplete.

Abstract Art Masters -  M F Husain
M F Husain:

Whenever the discussion of notable Indian artists comes up, it is impossible to miss out on the name of M F Husain. If there is one artist who has brought a transformation in the domain of Indian abstract art, then it has to him. Known as one of the most popular artists to have taken birth on the Indian soil, Husain’s creations extend across different genres. Right from showcasing the diversity of subjects to the depth of emotions, this artist knew it all. The year 1950 marked the beginning of a golden era for Husain as he started gaining popularity in the West and became a renowned celebrity of the country. His paintings ‘Battle of Ganga and Jamuna’ and ‘Sprinkling Horses’ along with others helped him secure a spot in the million-dollar artist club just like Tyeb Mehta. Sadly, Husain left the world in the year 2011.

Undoubtedly, the contributions made by the aforementioned Indian artists are beyond any comparison and because of their eminent artistic abilities, they are considered great. Their marvellous creations have elevated the charm of every abstract art gallery where their work was showcased. Their artworks have captivated art enthusiasts from all around the world and are still able to enchant the viewers.