Abstract art has undeniably enthralled the spectators with its unique way of representing art. Be it different swirling shapes (particularly lines, squares, rectangles, forms, etc.), a visual display of vibrant colors and overall composition, everything is depicted distinctively by the artist on the canvas.

Interestingly, the images included in abstract art paintings are often incredible versions of veracity. At times, the theme painted is something that only the artist is able to interpret. However, there are artists who are able to get across their point to the public in an articulate manner. Since they create the artwork in such an appealing manner that it touches the emotions of the spectator to a great extent.

There are numerous versions of an abstract that are usually included in the assortment of paintings that fall under the category of abstract art.

  • Partial abstraction- This form is typically presented in realistic art. These types of paintings are usually very simple and can be easily understood by anyone. In partial abstraction, the artist creates different forms of shapes and designs that are decipherable to the general populace.
  • Total abstraction- While, these types of paintings comprises of images that actually don’t bear any resemblance to anything or anyone that the spectator has ever come across before.

There were three main art movements that paved the way for the emergence of abstract art paintings:

  • Romanticism,
  • Impressionism, and
  • Expressionism.

Each of this movement took place in the 19th century. Nevertheless, there were two other movements that made an abstract form of art much popular among the public, i.e. Cubism and Fauvism.

Perhaps, the creation of abstract art doesn't have much do with either portrayal of unique ideas or finesse with a paintbrush. It’s just about going with the flow and presenting colors in a different manner.

There are many artists that make a living by playing with distinct color combinations and shapes to create highly attractive paintings. Abstract art usually doesn’t make much sense to people; it just has to captivate the viewer in some or another manner. These have been considered as famous Indian paintings as they have never failed to amaze the onlooker.

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