Abstract art is synonymous with shape, form, color and line. The geometrical figures used in this style of painting are a creative composition that demonstrates a certain degree of independence from the mundane visual references in our world. Of all the up-and-coming artists in India at present, Amit Ghosh's name is gradually growing popular. 

His works generally depict a rare style of abstactism where in the central theme is a utopian world. He always uses an alternative style to create the illustrations. Interestingly, like regular abstract paintings, Amit Ghosh's art does not encompass the technological world, rather they have an element of philosophy which is hard to decipher. Probably as an artist, he draws his theoretical arguments from miscellaneous social and intellectual preoccupations.

When I look at his paintings present in any abstract art gallery online, I feel that the canvas indicates a departure from reality for there is a stark dominance of imagery. The diversion is rather complete and I recognize an accurate representation. This is due to the fact that Amit Ghosh exercises his liberty in the form of color and his illustrations bear no resemblance to any trace of recognizable figures. 

Some of his works are pure geometric abstraction for in them there is the absence of naturalistic entities. The hues are deliberately altered when you compare the figurine with reality, and cubism. Such a blatant alteration is hard to ignore and yet pleasing to one's eye. 

In the age of digital and computerized art, Amit Ghosh sticks on to hard-edge paintings. All his works are oil on canvas masterworks that depict an abstract nature of our social existence in a lyrical manner. The way Amit Ghosh disintegrates conventional ideas attached withforms and matter, is an exquisite style of divorcing concreterealities. To study or buy abstract paintings by this artist, visit an Indian art gallery online.