Abstract means something which is not real or does not have existed in the physical form.

The human brain is meant to absorb visuals that are known to exist. Like if you see a painting depicting mountains and the serene beauty of nature, your brain stimulates the known elements.

Simply said, the brain works faster when exposed to something known.

Have you ever saw an abstract art? What was your first thought? Did you felt challenged that you are not able to understand the context of the painting?

Abstract art is usually perceived as an intense expression of artist’s emotion in colors, lines, dots, light, and patterns that cannot be interpreted as an obvious gist.

What we see is not a direct but a deep exhibit of feelings by the artist.

Still, art lovers often find it difficult to understand what abstract art paintings are trying to convey.

I have tried to provide light on the subject by unscrambling the influence that abstract art has on the viewer’s mind. Let’s have a look:

Do you get intimidated by abstract art paintings?

Have you ever gone through a strikingly beautiful piece of abstract art and failed to understand it completely? Did you felt appalled by why you are not able to crack the real meaning behind it?

If yes, do not worry.

It is quite common to dismiss an abstract art painting because of the inability to see the real beauty lying between the loosely formed patterns and non-uniform compositions.

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When you see an abstract art, your mind is challenged as it always constructs the image of known objects that are fundamentally planted in your brain.

In addition, when you witness the works of abstract art form’s greats such as Rothko or Pollock, your brain tries hard to interpret the meaning.

There is no clue at all. So, how does one understand such typical art?

Well, the key is to understand the artist before the art. An art of any form represents the true feeling, emotions, opinion, and perception of an artist’s mind.

When you understand the artist, decoding his work becomes a bit easy.

A lot of Indian artists in last few decades have been applauded for their abstract paintings.

Since so many artists are now shifting their focus towards the creation of abstract artwork, it becomes obvious that art lovers are in search of these paintings more than ever now.

So what makes abstract art paintings such a hit?

Abstract paintings and the art aficionados

When I first witnessed abstract art I thought to myself “Why all the fuss? What is so special about this art form that millions are desperate to get hands on it?”

Then I interacted with a few art admirers and they told me that abstract paintings make them happy.

Now, that was so fictional for me. I couldn’t believe how a painting that is so vague and tough to interpret can offer happiness.

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Again, it all goes back to our brain only.

Abstract art counters our brain to create any interpretations. This stimulates the elevated levels of our brain that is responsible for creativity and imagination.

In other words, abstract artworks enable us to look at a painting in a totally different manner. So, yes, abstract paintings are known to create a strong impact on our mind making us more liberal in thoughts, open-minded, and highly creative.

Follow the mentioned below tips that will help you a little bit in understanding the majestic abstract artworks:

Be proactive

Start with the art galleries near you or the websites that are offering the abstract paintings. See for yourself what abstract painting really looks like.

In addition to this, try to find who the artist is and what makes him/her inspired to brush down the painting.

Closely watch how the artist utilized the form, color, light, and line while examining the paintings.

What is the motive?

For what I have observed, you can easily point out the artist’s motivation in each of his/her work.

For an instance, JMW Turner created some exquisite landscape paintings way before the birth of abstract art form.

Still, giving a quick glance at the work of Turner would offer you a pinch of abstractionism in it.

This is because Turner was fascinated by the effects of light and atmosphere.

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There is always something

Even though few might say that some of the abstract artworks are without meaning, do not believe them.

There is always something that lies behind those vague designs and shady patterns. Understand who the artist is and how he thinks.

Best would be to have a face-to-face conversation with the artist.

Wrapping up

 Abstract art is not complicated at all. It is visceral.

It is the people who try to replicate the abstract art painting as per their thought process. So, change your way of looking at things.

Abstract artworks are one of the greatest creations made by humans. Visit some of the eminent art galleries (online & offline) and have fun this time.