“Feng Shui is a living skill, there’s an art to it. It’s scientific; it’s mathematical and at times it’s logical- with an element of magic.”

Indeed! Feng Shui is an ancient art and science developed approximately 3000 years ago in China which helps one surge fortune and positivity. Feng Shui art propagates the balance in the presence of energies in every space. It has many simple tips, tricks, and tools and out of all of them, one is the placing of certain paintings for curbing and preventing some disturbances and for gushing the joviality.

Moreover, you should always remember this golden rule of Feng Shui that asks you to abstain clutter, violence and loneliness. These three things should be avoided while placing paintings and for upholding the flow of energy in your spaces as well.

Clearly, none of you would desist from welcoming positive vibes and opulence around yourselves by placing paintings, especially if you all often buy paintings online. So read this blog to widen your understanding regarding the presence of various colors, objects and elements symbolize.

  • Boat for wealth, abundance and success

Boat for wealth, abundance and success - Feng Shui Paintings

The element of water is considered very auspicious in Feng Shui Art. The painting of a ship placed inside the house is said to bring in good opportunities and thus, wealth and success. So look for a sailing ship loaded with ornaments and gold and place it in the southeast or north direction of your house. Moreover, always hang such painting inside the house and not outside as that will gradually take the wealth away from your house.

  • Goldfish for wealth, career and health

Goldfish for wealth - Feng Shui Paintings

A perfect example of Feng Shui art would be a painting of goldfishes having one black fish as the goldfishes will symbolize the yang and black the yin which is meant for absorbing all the negative energy. Moreover, if you can find a sum of eight goldfish and one black fish, the painting will get all the more favorable as the total will be nine. You can place this painting in the North of any space to enhance your career sector. However, if you want to improve health you can place it in the east or in the southeast to attract wealth.

  • The dragon for good luck

The dragon for good luck - Feng Shui Paintings

Dragon is considered as the best source for inducing good luck. A dragon painting can be placed in the north for career growth, east for tackling health issues and in the southeast for welcoming wealth in your house. Moreover, if one feels that their child is scared of the dragon paintings in their house, they can buy abstract paintings of colorful dragons as they will not look scary and will serve the purpose as well.

  • Mountains for force and support

Mountains for force and support - Feng Shui Paintings

Mountains are known for providing excellent protection and support to all the dwellers when hanged in any space. The only condition is that the painting should not be placed on the opposite side of the main entrance.

  • Abstract Paintings of fireworks for Fame, and Reputation

Such paintings should ideally be placed in the south of your living room as not only will everyone love seeing them but they will also help in strengthening your fame, luck and glory. The painting is perfect for those who love abstract paintings and also want to Feng Shui their art.

  • Mandarin Ducks for love, fidelity, and happy marriage

Mandarin Ducks for love, fidelity, and happy marriage - Feng Shui Paintings

Hanging love birds, especially, mandarin ducks making love to each other is the best option to go for as not only does it strengthens the love between the couple but also the willingness of being together for life. However, if you cannot find a painting of mandarin ducks, you can buy a painting of swans, geese, ravens, cranes or magpies. Hanging these paintings in the southwest of your bedroom will bring the same newness, love, and romance, back in your married life.

  • Fire flowers for recognition and success

Fire flowers for recognition and success - Feng Shui Paintings

Paintings with colors of fire like red, orange, yellow and flowers in them are known for maintaining the good energy and for surging recognition and success. So, try to find a painting with nine petals in each flower as it will be like an icing on the cake because the number 9 is very lucky according to the Feng Shui art. Furthermore, paintings with pointed petals should be avoided as it elevates the bad energy. You can expose such paintings in the south of your living room or any other space of your house for improving reputation, recognition, success, and fame.

In brief, Feng Shui art promotes the elements of nature and number 9. If you don’t like these paintings in their original form, you can get the abstract paintings of any of the aforementioned paintings.

Hopefully, from now on you will not just buy art for art’s sake but will also Feng Shui your art.