What do you know about art collection?

Are you ever urged to buy paintings online? What was the source of this urge?

Because purchasing art and collecting art are two totally different terms with absolutely varied meaning.

You can make a purchase decision based on random liking or attraction towards art. It is short-term and more of an impulsive decision.

On the other hand, if you are trying to make a collection of art, you are bounded by a long-term commitment that requires step-by-step planning.

However, in both the cases (collecting and buying) you purchase what you like.

Collecting art is more than just buying what you like. You require doing your homework to make an exquisite collection of artworks.

For instance, if you want to have a collection of famous abstract paintings, research as much as you can about those paintings.

Measure your findings with what you want and then make a balanced decision. You also require that special vision to choose individual paintings in such a way that they form a collection with the intended meaning.

Buying Art is Different from Collecting Art

It is highly probable that you are a pro in selecting artworks on the individual basis, but not-so-good in strategizing a plan to make a collection of paintings.

Liking an art and buying it is not that tough decision but making multiple purchases with one specific objective in mind so as to make a grouping of paintings is one arduous task.

So how you decide what sort of collection you would want to make? What would be the theme?

How much time are you going to spend on making the collection a whole?

Collecting is nothing but purchasing but with controlled purpose.

Let’s take a look at some tips that would help art lovers such as yourself to make an astonishing collection of paintings.

Be Expressive

As an art collector, it becomes extremely paramount that you show no hesitation in expressing what you like and what you don’t.

If you begin to collect art because you want to match the status quo and not because you genuinely like some art, your collection is going to be just another assemblage of some paintings.

A true art collector would trust his/her own instincts and emotions that are generated by seeing paintings.

When in doubt, think again!

It is extremely crucial that if while starting to make a collection you face any sort of doubt or nagging doubts, you should hold on, take a moment, and think again.

That doubt might be regarding the collection theme, artworks or any other. Address the doubts.

See if you can make a better decision.

For instance, if you are keen to buy Indian paintings online or offline, but your instincts say that despite collecting all, you should stay focused only on the abstract art from Indian artists, there is no harm in giving it a thought.

It is imperative for art collectors to be sure of their decision.


The best art collectors never get scared to experiment while creating a collection.

It is perfectly fine if you have to break your own conventional shackles of opinion. There may be some art form that you have never explored, but you think you might like it.

Explore the art you like or you think you would like. The best art collections in the world are not static, but continuously evolving.

The internet is an excellent platform where you can search for the trends and the forms of paintings you like.

The Internet

One alluring collection of artworks is a result of some thorough research and reading.

You are lucky as an art collector. The internet is here and platform such as social media offers you loads of content to read from.

There are blogs from some prominent art collectors, then there are online galleries that guide you in making your collection a better one, and then there are social media communities where you can ask and discuss different possibilities.

You should go through the image-based daises such as Instagram and Pinterest. These social networking sites are the art collector’s paradise.

Know the Marketplace

One big blunder that art collectors do is that they ignore the part where they should know the market.

If you want to be an eminent collector, you require knowing everything from toe-to-top of the market. You should know who sells and the market should know you.

Next time you are looking to buy Indian paintings online, research about the marketplace first. It will help you not only taking a better decision but also aid you in creating a solid rapport in the market.

Wrapping up

Follow the discussed tips and I am sure you would be on your way to make a dazzling collection of famous abstract art or any form of paintings you wish.

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