Abstract art deploys a unique visual language which spans across shape, lines and colors. In order to compose an art piece of this type, a certain degree of independence needs to be included. 

Visual references in famous abstract art are inspired from real world figures. They are generally underpinned by the logic of perspective which is an effort to replicate impressions of noticeable genuineness. 

While some arts of cultures from India are common place, others created by talented artists depict an alternative way to describe visual experiences. Art connoisseurs can draw motivation from such pieces of magnum opus.
Towards the end of the last century, several artists began creating brand new forms of art. This generally encompasses fundamental changes in the field of technology, science as well as philosophy. Such sources draw hypothetical arguments that are miscellaneous, and generally replicate upon intellectual preoccupations of a culture.

Abstract art is a nonfigurative form of illustration which is a step beyond reality in depiction of imagery. Famous & iconic abstract artists look for brand new ways to represent their art to the world. Works of such prolific painters have time and again left an enormous impact and these artists are credited with creating some of the finest watercolor/oil on canvas masterstrokes. These works are amusingly bereft of representational elements. As a result, the paintings communicate through a language of symbols and hues. Some of the finest abstract paintings are based on the theory of cubism and iconic painter Pablo Picasso has pioneered in the same. His works were not completely abstract, yet contained definite elements of distortion and abstraction.

Thus, pioneers of pure and semi abstraction have always aimed to distil their works of genius into a clear mode of communication for the onlooker. After all their canvases are the portrayal of basic human feelings represented through color which is meant for an art lover to study and comprehend. In order to study abstract paintings, please visit an online art gallery which puts up genuine contemporary arts for sale