We are living in the digital age where everyone is busy running and securing a safe spot in the rat race. We are all so occupied in our busy schedules that we just forget to pay any attention to our surroundings and fail to realise the immense potential being held by them in affecting our being. Our very existence is dependent on energy and everyone is aware of this concept. However, the thing in question is are we making the most of the energy floating around us or we are just creating hindrances? Well, the answer to this lies in Vaastu.

What is Vaastu?

Vaastu is basically a practice of ancient Indian science. This science is a unification of astronomy, astrology, science and art. This mystic discipline empowers us in protecting ourselves from any unfortunate occurrences.

What is the Relation of Vaastu with Paintings?

The paintings are a part of every household and are a great way to instantly glam up any space. Right from new-age abstract paintings to the ancient portraits from the era of Renaissance, artworks add that extra flash of elegance to a place while doing justice to the responsibility of enhancing the beauty of the space where they are placed. Whenever we purchase a painting which we had been eyeing on for a while, there is so much thought which goes into it. Although we end up investing a lot of time in matching the painting with our décor and working on making it look its best, we seldom remember the importance of placing it correctly. This is where Vaastu comes into the picture.

The knowledge of Vaastu Shastra can help in boosting the levels of positive vibrations in the house. It is a widely known fact that every object, both living and non-living, has its own level of energies and aura. As paintings play a crucial role in invoking a certain kind of feeling, it is imperative to gain an understanding of their placement so as to reap the maximum positive results.

Vaastu Tips to Hang Paintings for Maximum Positive Effects:

The advice mentioned below is mostly about the location and direction of paintings. The proper adherence to these can help you in leveraging the maximum positive effects.

  • Whether abstract paintings or contemporary art portraits, if any painting depicts water, then it should be placed on the northern wall of your living room. Placing artworks exhibiting waterfall or river in this direction is a sign of prosperity and good luck.
  • As a mark of remembrance, we place the photographs or portraits of our ancestors on the walls of our house. However, you must ensure that such depictions should be positioned only on the southern walls.
  • Abstract paintings which don’t have any apparent meaning or carry a chaotic subject shouldn’t be displayed on the premises of your house. The presence of such portrayals can lead to confusion and stress to the members living of that family.
  • Abstain from hanging pictures and portraits of your loved ones on the north-east wall of your home.
  • The Indian paintings of various Hindu deities are considered auspicious for the family. They are a sign of good luck and fortune.
  • To improve the energy in relationships, couples can use the paintings of hearts, birds, etc. in pairs. Presence of such portraits is highly recommended in the personal enclosure of any married couple.
  • Paintings portraying grief or any kind of pain are prohibited under the Vaastu Shastra. Scenes showing the devastation of any kind are known to bring in strong negative energies which can affect the purity of the environment within a house.
  • Paintings of fruits are known to bring in chi energy within your house. Thus, it is recommended to place such pictures in the dining area.
  • Under any circumstance, one must refrain from placing paintings which portray displeasing animals.
  • Be very cautious while placing anything in the direction from south to east. This is a very fortunate and positive place as it is known to be the abode for solar energy. Placing paintings of flowers, women and other beautiful articles can help in attracting opulence.

There happen to be numerous combinations of direction and paintings which can bring prosperity and positivity to a home, if they are followed correctly. Aforementioned are some of the many ways in which Vaastu can bestow fortune in your environment.