Are you interested to create something unique? In that case, you can visit an abstract art gallery and churn out thousands of rupees on random artworks. Instead of doing so, you can indulge into some real-time abstract artistry through the medium of mixed media.

Mixed media art is a novel form of mien used by artists to express their imaginations, thoughts and feelings. In order to give form to their ingenuity, you can follow an art journal or simply read through this blog to come up with your very own and personalised collages, assemblages and sculptures as well! For the records, every Indian art collector feels like creating their own masterpiece but fail due to the lack of proper guidance. 

Worry no more! Here are a few simple steps to help you create your own mixed media art magnum opus! 

  • Remember that the art which you are about to create need not match your sofa. Neither does it have to be focused on an existing interior. Rather, you can build an artwork from a neutral background and work about a predefined theme work as a cohesive piece. 
  • Start out by placing a piece of canvas on the floor. That way you will have ample area to work with as well as integrate pieces of your art. Other elements which you require are, brush, paint, a good quality adhesive and burlap.
  • Paste the canvas atop the box’s cover. Paint its surface as well as the sides of the box cover with ivory/white/silver colored paint. Now let the entire thing dry up completely before you begin demolishing it again! 
  • Cut up a neat piece of burlap (or jute cloth) and cover the entire surface completely. The piece should be large enough to wrap up the sides completely. The edges of burlap must adhere to the box’s inside. Adhere one end properly and fix it securely. Repeat the same process on the other end and on the other two opposite sides as well. Address all the corners properly and tuck them in neatly with hot glue so that they are held in place properly. Flip the b ox cover over and lo behold! You have a striking burlap canvas all set for your artistic display!
  • Apply some white paint neatly around the edges of the burlap canvas. Apply generously around the corners. 
  • Tear up 4 background paper corners with floral prints. 
  • Layer them on the canvas and make use of pleated paper of preferably another print along the canvas’s bottom. 
  • Paste smaller such box cover boxes and add up special treasures in them to add a unique look to your bigger canvas. 
  • Create a collage as shown in the picture with twigs, buttons, floral printed papers, gathered vintage pieces, old family photographs etc.
  • Dry brush the whole canvas to add an element of detail as well as to obtain a worn look. 
  • You can use letter stickers or letters cut up from a newspaper to inspirational words/quotes.
  • Use a hot glue gun to hold everything in place. Keep collaging and layering for a dramatic effect.

You will see that you canvas will radiate a beautiful detail & texture after the project is over. This can be gifted to a loved one or simply hung atop a wall as a treasured craft in your personal fine art gallery!