When imaginative and technical skills are brought together, it creates an exceptional “art”. The purpose of art is though “ambiguous” but artists have their own reasons for creating them. 

It could have non-motivated reasons such as follows:

  • Experience: Where the artist tries to experience the world in his own ways
  • Harmony and Balance: Sometimes artist wants to achieve his inner peace and harmony by designing a beautiful piece of art work
  • Expression: They try to express their own imagination on how they see the world 
  • Ritualistic  functions: Sometimes art forms are used in ritualistic events with no such valid motive

While they have motivated reasons like: 

  • Social causes:  they are used for creating awareness amongst people when something needs to be changed.
  • Entertainment: With the hectic lives of people, entertainment serves as a basic factor.
  • Psychological processes:  Art therapy is used for healing processes as the art may give insights into solving the troubles people are facing.

Painting is a common hobby among people. There are distinguished forms of paintings existing in this world. 


It is a turnaround from the traditional art. It has been derived from a mix of other artistic styles, but it has no interlinking with the traditional methods. It was created by the artists who felt that the traditional works were not fit relating to the economic, social and political environment of the emerging era. Self-consciousness and different techniques were involved which accentuated the materials and processes used in creating the paintings. 


It was an art style originated along with Paris-based artists. Brushstrokes in impressionist paintings are thin and small but still visible. Significance is given to the depiction of light as a mix of colors was used to create accurate reflection. Common subjects and unusual angles were portrayed. They capture transient and momentary effects of sunlight, of varied compositions by not blending the brush smoothly or by avoiding any shading in the painting. With time, new techniques developed which were specific to distinct styles.  


Artist describes his view of the world in an abstract painting. Abstract art gives significance to colors and shapes more than the sketch.  The shapes used to symbolize the objects and the colors represent emotions of the artist. Canvas can hold any kind of imagery. It can contain a very ugly sketch of a woman but colors used would make the painting appealing to the eye. Figurative art is a form of modern abstract art which includes a little more naturalism to the painting. It emerged out as pure abstraction was not appreciated by many artists, naming Jackson Pallock. In abstract styles, artists give a physical structure to their imagination. Most common and famous abstract art styles involve the effective use of watercolors.


Although it comes under abstract style, expressionism equates to the feelings and emotions of the artist. Expressionist tries to induce feelings into his art to connect with the viewer. Thus, these artworks are more about emotional experiences rather than physical reality. Jackson Pallock, used to simply pour paint on his work so that natural movement of paint gets captured in it and gives an emotional echo. He barely used a brush. In a way, expressionism is the opposite of what “impressionism” is.  Vincent Van Ghosh is another infamous artist for expressionism.

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It evolved at the beginning of the 20th century. It was known as the most influential artists of that century. In this artistic style, geometric shape plays an eminent role. Pablo Picasso, the famous painter followed the cubism technique in his paintings. The art seems to be a reassembled work of broken pieces. Instead of one plain image or viewpoint, the artist turns it into multiple geometric shapes.


Only some aspects of abstract art can be observed in Surrealism. Artists say that their work is philosophy related. They painted irrelevant and surprising scenes, creating strange images of regular objects and developed techniques for expression of the unconscious mind.

A poet once explained in his poem that life is to create, something or anything, which is out there in the world. Something which exists even when you are long gone. It could be a sock, or a poem or a beautiful painting… And that is what the basic purpose of life is.