How about I say that the painting which you recently bought to match the entire décor of your room can be the best financial decision that you’ve ever made? Before neglecting this thought by ridiculing it, just wait for a moment and think about art as your best investment. Regardless of the fact whether you’re an art collector or a newbie, one thing that you will agree on is that the prices of the finest paintings ever created are skyrocketing. Whether it is Picasso’s creations or Da Vinci’s marvellous conceptions, artworks have been one of the best investments which have made people rich beyond compare. Now take a good look at the painting hanging in your living room as it might be your next big asset!

Art is extremely powerful and this is the reason why it is one of the finest arenas in the world of financial investments. Surely the art market is fickle and there are no sure-shot guarantees of profits, but aren’t these limitations common amongst rest of the industries as well? Your beloved shares might also lose their worth in the coming years or your property’s value might end up degrading manifolds. As you do with every other investment of yours, you must do your homework before splurging your money on an art piece. Whether you have a liking for abstract art paintings or remarkable contemporary paintings grab your attention, you can always find something to suit your taste. And this is the best thing about art, it spoils you for choices. Your explorations and farsightedness can help you in filling up your home with such fine pieces of art which go on to give you some really good returns down the line. If you still aren’t convinced then try sparing a glance at the reasons mentioned below which emphasize beautifully why art has always been and still is one of the best forms of investment.

  • Potential for capital growth:
    Historical trends have proved that people have been acquiring art as an asset since ages. As it is a high-performance asset, many people consider it as a key financial investment instead of a secondary option. The people who have gained massive returns from investing in art have been able to do so because it provides compound interest. Every investor invests the money with the basic objective of growing the capital and art is one arena which gives immense potential to achieve it.
  • Art is a low risk investment:
    Art is a relatively low risk investment. The threat of any investment comes from the external impacts of various economic and political conditions. Art is one domain which operates freely. The value of an art piece doesn’t fluctuate with the economic conditions. This is the reason due to which art is a better bet than other kinds of investments like shares. Most of the artworks like abstract art paintings, modern paintings, etc. are in no way affected by the country in which they are or the economic situation of that place. The worth of a painting will be the same, if not more, across the globe.
  • Building a portfolio:
    No smart investor puts all his eggs in one basket. It is suggested that one should always diversify his/her portfolio in order to gain maximum returns. If you are old-school and have been moving around a variety of blue-chip and emerging funds, then it is time to put art into your kitty. Artworks are a good way to diversify one’s profile and provide a lot of options. You can choose to invest in thought-provoking abstract art paintings or beautiful figurative portraits. The art industry has something for everyone and it spoils you for choices. According to your risk appetite, you must design your portfolio.

When you decide to go to art galleries — whether physical or virtual — with intent to invest, then you must always keep your eyes open and look for something unique. On your journey, you might come across some artists or owners who will tell you that art must be brought with emotions but, you must not fall for that bait. If you happen to like certain kind of art like abstract art paintings, figurative paintings or contemporary ones, you must leave no stone unturned in doing your research. You must always hunt for quality and never buy something in a poor condition. A little extra effort could get you acquainted with the next Mona Lisa that’s worth millions!