If there is one genre of art which can be debated upon endlessly, then that has to be modern abstract art. Its appreciators celebrate its capability of breaking all communal and emotional boundaries to display the deep hidden feelings resting inside the artist’s mind. While its critics consider it nothing more than a random splash of colours and drawn lines. Undeniably, this is a never-ending discussion, but the fact can’t be ignored that abstract art is surely one of the most intriguing aspects of the art world.

One question which is continuously going on in the minds of people is what is abstract art and why abstract paintings for sale cost millions of dollars. This blog will give you reasons that will help you in developing an understanding towards this confusing, yet fascinating, genre of art.

The Birth of Abstract Art:

Before we proceed with the reasons, it is vital to know how abstract art was born. Before the birth of photography, artists used to create paintings of real-life scenes and people which were evident to the human eye. Apart from the creations of the Gods and Goddesses, spiritual beings and societal happenings, there were hardly any representations of personal self. However, a paradigm shift was witnessed in the art industry after the dawn of photography. The natural scenery which artists tried to recreate on a canvas with numerous efforts was now being captured as it is in a matter of seconds. As photography took a large share of expressing the reality, artists stopped placing any amount of effort into seizing a scenery which could easily be photographed. As a result of this, artists started digging deep into their minds in order to discover those thoughts and ideas which were a love child of the human mind with art and this marked the birth of abstract art.

Reasons That Make Abstract Art So Expensive:

There are numerous reasons which collectively attribute towards the enormous prices of abstract paintings for sale. Four of these are mentioned below.

  • Abstract art isn’t a true depiction of reality

An artist attempts to narrate a story by means of a modern abstract art. It isn’t just a beautiful display of colours, lines and shapes, but it tends to give a glimpse of the artist’s emotions and visions. This genuineness makes abstract art true in every sense of the word. One can’t really attach a low price tag on something which is authenticate and isn’t a replica of the real world. The high price is a token of appreciation for the truthiness that an artist attempts to display.

  • Taking the ability of the human mind a step ahead

Abstract art is celebrated because of the artist’s ability to clearly depict his innermost feelings and emotions. This genre of art focuses on bringing out the spirit of the theme rather than concentrating on its form. Going beyond what the human eye can see, abstract art opens the doors to creativity and perfectly showcases the enormous capacity of the human mind. And one can’t really place a tag on creativity, right?

  • Abstract art is undoubtedly a vital development in the world of human expression

Great level of sensitivity along with talent is required to express those aspects which don’t have any physical form in the materialistic world. Abstract art is that genre of art which has established itself as an important progression in the field of self-expression. It has empowered the artists to break the shackles of stereotypes and display what they truly believe in. Anything which brings a revolution is special and outweighs the weight of money.

  • Creating abstract art is an intellectual activity

Dedicating your efforts towards giving a beautiful physical structure to something which doesn’t have any form in the physical requires high levels of intellect. Abstract art is much more than a blend of visually appealing colours and textures. It requires years of training, hard work and experience to create an abstract masterpiece which charmingly represents the deep meaning being portrayed by the artist. As a result, there aren’t any deductions in the prices of abstract paintings for sale.

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The prices of abstract art paintings might look unjustified to some; however, if one happens to look closely at the artwork and tries to read between the lines, then these artworks would start making more sense. Just like the way one has to learn the ways to value the true essence of classical music, efforts need to be placed in learning the art of appreciating abstract art.