For some people who have no basic knowledge of art, abstract art must make no sense to them. They are often not able to understand the language which this art form inhibits. Abstract art is one of the western forms of art which cannot be related to the real references of the world. This means that the paintings are quite unrealistic. It is a kind of illusion of the artist. Famous abstract paintings by Pablo Picasso, Paul Gaugin and other famous artists are demonstrations of how they perceive the world and depicted their own experiences on the canvas.  Abstract art can be seen as an art with more freedom as artists can create their own designs without thinking of it is a replica of real images. Therefore, it is also known as “non-representational” art. It brings out more passion in artists as it respects their individual emotions. So it won be wrong to say that abstract art is not a form of art, it is an emotion.

Famous abstract art therefore exists in various styles and forms which have evolved through the years. It was around the end of 19th century that many artists had felt the desire to create something fresh to break the routine. They wanted a form of art which could use and portray the modern changes coming along in philosophy and technology. They wanted to demonstrate the new scientific ideas which had seeped deep into their lives.

It is a well-known saying that Creativity is an essential aspect which runs the world. And every occupation needs it to some level. Creativity keeps things interesting and if abstract art is crossed out, what would be left behind? What things would we have had today if certain individuals hadn’t thought out of the box. I think it leads to the progress of world in profound ways. The invention of abstract art gave artists who practice other art forms an idea to think break the monotony and think out of the box.

To understand what the artists express in this modern art form, one needs to free their mind from naturalism. Some people have referred to abstract art as a “sloppy” painting and yes, artists may tend to create bad abstracts out of their imaginations but that must not be confused with some of the most beautiful artworks. It is not an easy task to create beautiful abstract works. Very similar to music, abstract art must be understood in depth and then only it can be enjoyed to its full worth.

In the beginning of modernism, some of the artists were really against the idea of abstraction. It was quite similar to the trouble impressionism faced as well. But gradually, with better understanding of art, people were more open-minded to accept this art form.Thankfully, in modern times, digital art, internet art, modern art, photorealism and other forms are being celebrated and abstract art can be created using different modes and techniques.Though, some peoplestill are fixated on the idea that abstract art is nothing but a disgrace to the art field.

Abstract art is meant to declare that all art is not great because of what amazing skills have been used but because of an expression and an innovative invention. It is here to announce that there are no limits in the world of art. No boundaries should be there for an artist to limit themselves to. Imagination is the key to a beautiful art, no matter how unrealistic or unnatural it might be or how far-fetched it might sound.

Famous abstract paintings do not involve a replica of a natural landscape but it is an imagination which comes out in the form of paint. Thus, no matter how sloppy the art work looks like, it is something that an artist has imagined and thus must be respected. Abstract art has gained worldwide recognition because of the talents hidden in the mind of true artists. Now, different museums and online portals have been established to exhibit the works of abstract artists. So that a true artist can be brought out in the crowd by numerous sources. More and more aspiring artists are taking abstract art as a subject as they have found unique platform to display their talent.

Art collectors these days are appreciating this modern art form more than ever. Various abstract artists have even started online blogs or have tied up with online art galleries to display their abstract paintings. Next time when you visit and art museum, do notice what these famous abstract paintingsby Pablo Picasso or Vincent Van Gogh try to express. They are not just simple brush strokes or vivid colors but also a way of expression of their inner thoughts.