As a content writer working in an organization, I tend to write articles and blogs for different sites. Some months before, while travelling from office to home, I met with a lady, who was, coincidently, reading one of my articles. I choose not to reveal my ownership of content and struck a short conversation with the lady. The lady was well read; I guess she was an art avid. She talked about some paintings, famous abstract art and how artwork of Kenneth Noland inspired her and took her away from her monotonous life. Baffled, I was. I asked her how does it help and she went like:

“Though the word ‘humdrum’ may sound musical, it is not music to ears. Working class can easily relate to this word. They experience it almost daily at workplace. Club the boring, uninspiring and foreboding environment of offices with the daily fight of an employee to reach office on time, ever increasing work load, mounting pressure of delivery dates, client meets, extended working hours and no appreciation from bosses, you will get a lethal combination that not only sucks creativity out of employees, but leave them exhausted, dull and indifferent. This in turn affects the overall productivity of an organization. And that has been the case with me. All my life, I had been a hard worker, but I was struck in the wrong profession. It was tedious to drag and work in such uninspiring environment, till the time I started giving personal touch to my cubicle.”

Her words were soul stirring and thought provoking. Though I worked in tandem with creative team, but I had never thought in the manner this lady thought. The very next day, I was talking with my boss about the same. At no cost, we could afford exhausted, dull and indifferent employees. We planned to pep up the mood, uplift the environment and boost productivity and decided to invest in art for our office. After visiting few online art galleries and trips to my favorite, Nature Morte, an abstract art gallery, we zeroed on few quirky contemporary artworks and revamped our office walls. It has been almost three months that we brought art in our office and here I am, writing this blog telling you can inspire creative spark and sign more deals by bringing in art in your workplace.  

The benefits of placing striking artworks, be it some famous abstract art or re-prints, in office space are far beyond the obvious. Exhibiting artwork in office space not only boosts mood and creates a relaxing work environment, but it is also an exceptional medium to connect with clients, coworkers and employees. If you are considering art for your office, you can either visit an abstract art gallery or can start by introducing personalized artwork that tells about your organization and what it values the most.

The beauty of abstract art is that it blends well with office décor. Abstract paintings are thought provoking. They serve as focal point for self-inspection and also act as creative stimulus. A bold or famous abstract art, done in bright colors, won’t only accentuate the space, but it will also ensure that aura is not dreary or utilitarian. If you too want to break the monotony of your office, you can try introducing oversize contemporary paintings as they have the tendency to transform your office from stinging to cozy.

Good art is a conversation starter. So, while you consider adding artwork or sculptures in your cabin or cubicle, you should not overlook the benefits of embellishing the other areas of your workspace. You can place a sculpture or hang a series of paintings at reception to welcome visitors and hang some framed motivational quotes throughout aisle to inspire employees. A soothing landscape painting in interview room or meeting area will bring tranquility and help interviewee ease and relax. An intriguing abstract art in conference room can act as both, an ice breaker and creative stimulus, and help uplift the spirits of your employees.

Having read the benefits, I am sure, that you too want to introduce art to your office space and be motivated. So, what are you waiting for? Go out, experiment and give a personal touch to your office space. Once you are done with it, do share your experience with us in our comment section.