Have you ever wondered why some famous abstract paintings are sold for large sum of money? While artwork created on same lines and with similar quality are sold for half the price on various online art galleries?

In this post, we shall learn why some pieces of famous abstract art are expensive comparatively to other paintings.

Lately, one of the paintings created by a French artist and Post-Impressionist, Paul Cezanne named ‘The Card Players’ was sold for more than $250 million. Whoa, that’s huge amount of money! You must be pondering what would be the exact reason and why such form of artwork is worth of this much money?

Well, there are numerous of factors that contribute to making a painting expensive. Read on some of the key factors as enlisted below:

The artist

One of the prime factors that dominate the prices of paintings is the work created by the artist. Whether the artist is renowned, budding or mid-career one? As a case in point, have you ever heard about Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh or Salvador Dali? Maybe not!  These are some of the artists who have been known for bringing in revolution in the art world with creation of masterpieces. Don’t be surprised as in the art world this is the kind of influence that the name of the artist can have on the price of the painting. In addition, the rising demand for famous abstract art created by distinguished artist plays a critical role in making their artwork costly.

For instance, there are very few paintings created Pablo Picasso that are still available for sale today. Now, who doesn’t want to purchase a Pablo Picasso! This, in turn, leads hike in the price of these paintings. This is why, when some paintings created by world famous artists exhibited in auctions or art exhibition catches so much attention of the art collectors or buyers. There are many Indian artists whose work has been appreciated by art admirers across the globe such as Amrita Sher-Gil, M.F Hussain and many more

Quality of piece of artwork matters

This is not something that is pertinent for paintings created by renowned artists. Over years of practice, they already hold the reputation of being the finest. Technically, the quality of work does matters a lot and usually comes under scrutiny provided the artwork is created by budding artists. Some of the key parameters of quality that are weighed down are the concept of the painting, way it is portrayed,  use of techniques is all that matters in the end. There are only few artists who are able to reach that mark of superior quality, which makes the artwork expensive.

Materials Used and Time when the painting was created

Broadly speaking, the price of the famous abstract paintings even depends on the time factor. Simply put, the time period when the artwork was created. The older is the painting, the more are chances high it will be costly. For instance, a painting made in the 18th century is likely to cost much more than art paintings in the present time.

When it comes to art paintings, even the medium used for creation can impact the pricing. The canvas on which the artwork is created, type of paint and so forth can directly influence the price of a painting. Besides, it has been observed that viscosity of paint can also influence prices. Some artists make use of least possible amount of hues, while others use impenetrable coat of paints.

Genre of art

Last, but not the least is the genre of the art painting that influences the price of the artwork to a great extent. There are different forms of famous abstract art such as curvilinear abstract art, color-and- light related abstract art, geometric abstraction, emotive or intuitional abstract art, gestural abstract art, and minimalist abstract art, to name a few.  Hence, while surfing online you will certainly find variation in the price range depending on the genre of abstract painting you decide to pick.

Wrapping up-

The fact is that at present expensive famous abstract art may not entice the same amount of money in coming future and vice versa. However, for some people who are keener in investing in artwork, a slice of good fortune can always be within reach.