As compared to other mediums Acrylic paint is a new medium which is added to the world of painting only since 1950's. A lot of practice and patience is required to learn acrylic painting. Mostly artist prefer doing landscape painting in the beginning because it is the easiest way of starting this medium. Next level of this medium is usually portrait painting.

Versatility, permanence and ease of use are few benefits of using acrylic painting. It can be applied as thickly as required like in impasto or as thin as required like in watercolor. As compared to oil paint, acrylic does not yellow or get harden with age. Another important benefit of using acrylic is that it dries faster as compared to other mediums.

There are various techniques of doing painting in acrylic:

Watercolor Effect- A number of artists use acrylic in liquid state which is similar to watercolor but there is a noticeable difference. In this technique washes can be layered on each other without disturbing the color underneath. Before applying another layer one must wait for the applied layer to dry completely. Once dried the layer becomes insoluble in water which is then becomes difficult to modify which is one of the disadvantage of using acrylic. To avoid this problem you can either dampen the paper before painting or use an additional brush dampened with water.

Pour And Drip Technique- In this technique very fluid acrylic paint is used. Either you can pour paint directly or dip a brush in it and let it drop down onto the canvas. Some interesting effects can be created with this technique.

Sgraffito Technique- It is a scratching technique which involves scratching the surface of wet paint which reveals the layer underneath the paint. Screwdrivers or sharpened end of a paintbrush can be used for this technique.

Using A Squeegee- A squeegee can be used to create effects in a painting. Squeeze out paint blobs directly along one edge of your support and then with one fluid motion drag the paint across the surface with your squeegee smearing and mixing the paint as you go.