Paintings have always been considered as the most beauteous form of human expression which are meant to prettify the spaces. The same is instilled in the minds of not just art enthusiasts but artists as well. That is why you will rarely find a work of art defying this preconceived idea of splendor and magnificence. 

However, for some artists and onlookers, especially those who love contemporary art, creativity has never known any bound. They transcend this notion by using their ability to exhibit all that they see and feel in the rawest and most real form possible. Hence, some paintings are so much so raw that none of you would dare to hang them anywhere. However, if in case, you have a Biology lab or Halloween party at your work or personal space, they definitely would be the best choice.

Yuck, disgust, horror, petrify, aghast, atrocity and distastefulness are all that such paintings will make you feel as soon as you will look at them.

Well! Yes, herein, in no particular order, we have listed some of those paintings. While most of them are contemporary art paintings some were made prior to 21st century too.

Nevertheless, let’s see if you would be able to look at them for a while or will flick your eyes off just at a glance.

  • Fleshlettes series

Jonathan Payne made many of such weird and alien sculptures using polymer clay. He is a Los Angeles based sculptor. Yes, tiny is cute but these surely aren’t. Maybe, the most creative amalgamation of human body parts. 




  • Me dead at 38, (2009)

Matthew Day Jackson is a Brooklyn based artist who made this painting under one of his ongoing series. In the series, he paints the possibilities of him dying in various ways. He wants people to be unfearful of their death. In this painting, crows are shown pecking the flesh from his body.




  • Judith Beheading Holofernes (1614-1620)

Artemisia Gentileschi made this contemporary art painting to exhibit a scene from the bible. The painting can be counted as one of the earliest examples of feminist paintings. In this work, the women are shown winning from the male counterpart by brutally killing him. Considered to be quite disturbing and unpleasing this paintings is surely quite violent.



  • Theatre of Orgies and Mysteries 15 (2005)

The paintings of Hermann Nitsch have always been the controversy. His paintings are characterized by brutal killing, war, tragedy, and ounces of blood. The painter was born in Austria and has been one of the renowned artists of Europe.




  • Saturn Devouring His Son (1819-1823)

Francisco De Goya made this painting to send this message out loud to the world that eating your own child won’t make you less fearful of getting outgrown by your child. Cannibal Giants were man-eaters. Hence, the artist made a cannibal giant swallowing his child as a way of passing this message. Astonishingly enough, the painter made this painting directly on the walls of his residence.


  • Self-Portrait as a Drowned Man (2011)

The painting is a creation of Jeremy Millar. This self-portrait is made by him after getting inspired by a short story. The painter liked the idea of playing the protagonist in one of his paintings while portraying his favorite scene from the story. Thus, this unusual, gloomy painting became quite disturbing to look at, especially because of the holes in the drowned body.



  • Anatomical Pieces (1819)

Théodore Géricault’s made this uncanny painting for one of his history projects. The painting shows freshly cut and served limbs which can easily make any viewer faint. The painter went to Paris funeral home for studying about human remains.




  • Novelty (2016)

Golgo, a Mexican artist, made this contemporary paintings piece to show how a human body looks like from the inside. It is believed that he wanted to be a surgeon. Apart from this artwork, many of his other paintings also show the decay of human body and human parts and body in the most ethereal form possible.




  • Visual temperature-Sofa (2008)

Created by Cao Hiu, this sculpture is undeniably the worst nightmare of any human. Imagine if furniture too had a life. Wait! What if they still do? Maybe, so treat your furniture appropriately, who knows it might sprout up to you like this one day.

Even though the aforementioned paintings are eerie, they are the ones that are now known as ‘Famous artist’s paintings’. Call it the idiosyncrasy or the distastefulness of the paintings, they are the reason for the widespread popularity of their respective painters.

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