Indian contemporary art is the art that has been and continues to be created during our lifetimes. This is a form of art that originated near around the 1960's or 1970s and continues to exist till date. This art is emerging day by day. Both established and upcoming artists are coming up with innovative ideas. It depicts how Indian artists are no more confined to a particular medium of oil on canvas or watercolor on paper as they no more have fear to lose their inherent strength and willingness to experiment; rather they are more enthusiastic and keen to explore new ideas and concepts. New media are coming and traditional media continues to boom. It seems that ordinary media and elements are being reinvented and redefined to an unusual extent.

Painting is a very strong way to express. Historic traditions and legacy are associated with this medium. It is regarded as a conventional medium. Contemporary Indian artists are trying to provide an unconventional twist to this medium. There is an artist Bharti Kher who has worked with a very different medium like, bindi. She has created an excellent work out of it.

Contemporary Indian paintings have a beauty that harnesses the power of three-dimensional spaces, which gives an impact through its sheer size. The Indian sculptors are coming up with innovative ideas rather than using the traditional mediums. There are so many exciting mediums the sculptors working with like Subodh Gupta who works with stainless steel utensils. The sculptures which the sculptors are coming up with have a challenge in the terms of cost, logistics, size and space. A good space is required for the sculptures.

New media art is another type of art that is very exciting and radically different from what's been done before. It includes remarkable features of art landscapes and shows how it has been challenging with the conventions and traditions of existing art. The most important feature that differentiates traditional media from new media is that it requires close interaction with the viewer. It gives the opportunity to create more personalized works to the viewer, wherein he also controls the artwork to a certain extent.

There is a long way to go until contemporary art reaches its maturity, its only 70-80 years old. This maturity process is influenced by Indian and International market.

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