Are you someone who has found his new love in form of art? Are you searching internet to take cue and buy your first artwork online? Although, online Indian art galleries make buying artwork easy, still a little knowledge of art, its history, form and type comes in handy when it comes to buying an artwork. This blog aims at introducing you to the concept of art, its prevalent form in our country in present era, which is Indian contemporary art and places where you can buy contemporary art from.

What is Art?

A simple question like this left me wondering for more than an hour; still I could not come up with a substantial answer. Well, for me art is an expression of oneself. One can draw, paint, write, sing, dance, act and do a number of other activities to express him. How one chooses to express is entirely an individual’s choice.

Art in India

India is a land of artists. It is the land of Mahabharata, the longest epic poem. It is home to people who adorn the walls of their homes with paintings. It is the land of Ajanta and Ellora caves and Khajuraho temples. Art finds its place in every household of India. I, personally, feel that origin of art in India cannot be traced. Art in India is as old as its pre-historic civilizations or maybe even older than that.

India is a land of rich varied heritage infused with cultural diversity. The same can be witnessed in its art form. Indian art is a collection of myriad art forms including paintings, film making, pottery, sculpture making, textile arts, etc. From early rock art to terracotta artifacts belonging to Indus Valley civilization, from Mauryan art to Buddhist art, from Pillars of Ashoka to Khajuraho temples, from Persian miniature paintings to Pahari paintings and from Romanticized style paintings of British era to Contemporary art of present age, India has a rich history of visual art.

Indian Contemporary Art

Indian contemporary art emerged with the establishment of Bombay Progressive Artists’ Group. The group was founded by K.H. Ara, S.K. Bakre, H.A. Gade, M.F. Husain, S.H. Raza and F. N. Souza in the years 1952. This group of artists tried to institute novel methods of expressing India in the post-colonial era. Though, the group was dissolved in 1956, it was significant in changing the appearance and approach of Indian art fraternity. The new genre that emerged was the genre of new artists, who adopted quirky designs, earthy and bold colour palette and painted thought provoking images. While some of them painted the visionary India, others chose to portray the struggles and social stigmas of Indian society. Young artists tried to emphasis more on true representation of Indian people and their situations. Contemporary art is the present form of art. It is inspired by the incidents of present age. This form is finding its ways from sculptures to paintings and pottery to fine dining crockery.

Places to Buy Indian Contemporary Art

Although art galleries, exhibitions, art-schools shows and local markets are the traditional places from where you can buy Indian Contemporary Art; nowadays, online galleries have emerged as an ideal destination to shop for good art. They offer art sitting from the comfort of your home, which makes this entire exercise of buying an artwork easier than ever before. They offer the option of exploring a wide array of paintings by established and budding artists. Now, you can chose a painting and buy it at a click of button. Most of these online galleries provide home delivery of the artwork. Though, the process of buying has been made simpler by these online galleries, but if you do not know your style and are not clear about what you want, you will swayed away by numerous artworks that online galleries have to offer. To ease the process, you must consider some key points which are listed below before you start selecting art for your living space:

  • Know your style and what kind of art do you like
  • Check options, what all is available in market  
  • Fix your budget and stick to it
  • Keep your existing décor in mind
  • Visualize where you want to display the art

Keep these points in mind before logging into an online gallery, and you will find yourself breezing through the maze of online art galleries without being swayed.