Have you ever felt the craving to adorn your home with aesthetically compelling paintings that would bring a peaceful stream of comfort to the whole space? And have you dropped that idea because you think:

  • It will be too costly to beautify the entire home with artwork. (As artwork comes expensive)
  • Choosing wrong painting can totally ruin the entire purpose.
  • The genuine and attractive piece of artwork is not easily available for average people.

Whatever the reason may be, I totally can relate to the doubts you have in mind. Today, we are going to take a walk through defeating the myths that pops up in art lover’s mind (such as yours) and create doubt while purchasing an artwork to decorate your home.

And not just any artwork, but the captivating and simply magnificent contemporary art. Let’s see what a contemporary painting is. This genre of art is the work of our times roughly starting from the 1960s, which basically depicts the individual characteristics and what society reflects presently.

These art pieces provide warmth to your eyes and make your mind accessible to broader ideas and places that you can never imagine otherwise. In short, it uncloses a new door to your imagination so as to provide relaxation and a sense of contentment.

Still, a lot of art admirers feel dubious about how to purchase such paintings. You can find a lot of contemporary art for sale by Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish, and legendary Indian artists on different online websites and brick & mortar galleries. The reasons why so many galleries are offering these paintings are because of their scintillating designs and exquisite appearance.

Let us first discuss some factors that would eradicate the doubt in people’s mind with respect to purchase of paintings for their home space.

The buying aspects of modern wall art

Without doubts, there will be no clarity. So, it’s good that you are sceptical about how are you going to buy the contemporary paintings for your home décor. Because after you go through the rest of blog, you would feel more certain and excited about adorning your home space with graceful paintings.

If you are a toddler in the art world, you should take your time (a bit) before making a decision. Like you can take a haul at the nearby local art gallery to get a hang of the paintings there and interact with artists.

This way you can educate yourself about different aspects such as:

  1. What sort of modern/contemporary painting is available?
  2. How artists perceive the idea to crave such masterpieces?
  3. What is the price range these artworks are available in?

These are just the initial boosters that help you in intensify your search for the correct paintings.

You can also explore numerous online galleries that debunk the idea that paintings and artworks are only accessible to rich class. A couple of visit to art fairs may further open your mind.

Get to know about your taste and then converge your search in a much-sorted manner. Do a thorough research about the artist whose paintings you want to get your hands on. This will avoid any pitfall in your purchasing process.

Decorate your home with contemporary paintings

We would summarise the whole idea as per the various rooms in your home.

Living room

Depending on how big your living room is you can choose the framing and display suggestions. Like if your room is big with high ceiling, the painting can be hanged away from the furniture. But, if the room is not as big, then ensure that the artwork is placed near the sofa, table or allied furniture.

When you are placing a painting make sure to keep at a degree symmetric to the eye level. Keep a close check on how light is spread in your room and accordingly choose an artwork.


I love experimenting with purchased contemporary paintings for my kitchen because almost anything goes with it. Majestic contemporary art has the benefit to get fit in every space for your home.


The bedroom is the place where your mind and body want to feel calm and relaxed. This is why it gets tricky. The best pick for bedroom would be choosing:

  • Water colours paintings
  • Blended media work (with soft colours)
  • Black & white photography
  • Sepia artwork


Hallways are special. During the busy schedules or bad days when you pass through the hallway of your home, it should offer you a sense of encouragement and a positive aura.

Some of the ideas to adorn your hallways are:

  1. Random frames and styles of small artworks assembled together
  2. An acrylic on wood
  3. Photographs
  4. A cohesive theme to bound

I hope your doubts are eroded now and the first thing you are going to do tomorrow is to look up an eminent gallery that can satiate your artistic craving with elegant and dazzling pieces of art. Stay tuned for more updates and ping us in the comment section to know more. Thanks!