The contemporary art landscape in India is now filled with young and passionate talent. This group has taken every single art connoisseur by amazement because of their masterworks.The entire Indian contemporary artist fraternity is well established. Their works have been showcased time and again in major biennales, online landscape art galleries, exhibitions, museums and institutions across the globe. Works of eminent artists such as Vaishnav Atmaram, Atin Mitra and Manoj Paswan are exhibited and auctioned at renowned auction houses all over the world. 

Despite lack of infrastructure within India in the past, with every passing decade, contemporary art schools have actually witnessed the growth and popularity of several contemporary artists. The Indian art collection in volves works from some distinguished names such as Asim Paul, Bahadur Singh and Jiaur Rahman.

They are a class of young and elite artists; their works speak a million words and in every essence, are entirely different from those of stereotypic ancient artists.Within one art history, India comes up with at least 10 artists and every single one of their names have made it into history books. 

Interestingly, in the past decade, accelerated awareness has completely changed the concept of an art market within India. As a result, more number of exhibitions, auctions, publications, awards and media exposure are taking place now a days. These have been increasing as well as understanding the artistic needs of the dynamic world.

Contemporary artists especially the young ones in India have been able to successfully shatter all the typical stereotypical notions. They have been able to produce better installations, sculptures, mixed-media works and paintings than ever before.Undoubtedly these young creative minds have demonstrated skills and extraordinary potential that promises the next generation about Indian visual art practices.

That is the reason why, the contemporary art landscape in India is growing at a fast pace.