For every parent, the first responsibility is to bring colors into the life of your kids. It is said that analyzing art sharpens the thinking ability of kids as they learn to create their own perception of the world. Bring an artwork in front of your children and ask them to interpret it in their own style. As a piece of artwork is open to many interpretations, you will be surprised by the crazy and amusing answers you would get to hear. That’s the beauty of kids, unlike adults they do not think in a restricted fashion.

Take your young ones to paintings gallery

When the eyes of your little ones fall unto the genius works made by Picasso, Cezanne, and other great artists they simply observe, think and share their interpretations with you. This approach is a great method for imparting education to your kids and basically developing their thinking skills.

What makes Contemporary Art so lovable?

This leaves an everlasting impact on the visual thinking of your kids. It is a strategy used to boost kid’s reading skills. Furthermore, it also aids in developing the child’s emotional and social growth along with his/her amazing computation abilities.

Classic works are making way in classrooms

In California, teachers are using a wide ray of classic works for inspiring the young minds to observe closely, think and create their own perception about things. These are the basic skills required to lay a good foundation for your little ones.

Bring in contemporary art paintings

You can certainly bring in contemporary art paintings at your home. Introduce them to the wonderful artists of India such as M F Husain and many more. Also, bring home the Warli Art for your kids. The beautiful trees, homes and dancing scenes from the villages shape the world and imaginative thinking of your kids. These paintings can be bought directly from paintings gallery or can be ordered online.

Artistic environment stimulates creativity

Creating an artistic environment which has paintings and other artwork really stimulates the creative bent of your child. Kids love to imitate what they see. Be ready to see the creativity which will be soon expressed on the walls of your home. Relish the scene when they do something mischievous with the colors in their hand. You never know that how far your cute Picasso and Mf Hussain will go.

Tips for Artists: Know the Art Collectors

For instance, Advait Kolarkar, a 4-year-old artist, hailing from Pune is the young star whose paintings are selling for thousands of dollars. His paintings are showcased at an exhibition named ‘Colour Blizzard’ and are sold for more than $ 2,000. Thus, give some time nurturing the artistic side of your kids.

A sneak peek into the wondrous world of your child

Have you ever looked at your child’s artwork? It can really speak a lot about your child. Kids love to draw freely as there are no boundaries in their world. You can simply see their drawings to understand what your child feels.

When a child draws about his family. He indirectly tells a lot about his relationship with his parents, his home and his overall feeling level at home.

 On the contrary, if a child draws only himself and that too in a smaller size. This indicates that he is not happy in his home environment. It might be full of noise, clutter, and crowding. This really helps you to understand that your child better and empower you to take corrective actions.

Also, the self-portrait of your child can reveal about the opinions he held for himself. If your child draws himself with a sad expression often, this shows that he might be experiencing an inner conflict.

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When a child’s show different characteristics of each of his family member, this is the clear sign of advanced intelligence.  Also, if a girl is drawing a painting with her mother. This simply shows that she shares a very close association with her mother.

Final word

In the digital world that we are all heading towards, it is not just important to read words but also read images at the same point in time.

Let your kids explore the greatest paintings and sculptures all around the world. It is said that when a child is born, he has no fears. The only fear he has is of falling down and the other one is of sound. But, as he grows up things change making way for more fears and preconceived notions to stem in. This takes away an adult’s ability to see an artwork the way a child would.

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So, what you are waiting for? Want more budding thinkers to come in? Bring in a wide range of artwork at your home and leave it for multiple interpretations.