So, you are sitting one day sipping on your favourite coffee thinking about the next painting which you want to create and suddenly there’s a ping on your phone. It’s a new email. You open and read it only to find that there’s an art collector who is very much interested in your artwork and wants to purchase your painting on an immediate basis. As an artist, you feel that this is nothing but a dream come alive and you proceed with it when thankfully the bulb of logic glows! Is it really all sunshine and rainbows or is there something fishy about it? Well, not to entirely negate your happiness, but a scenario similar to this is the face of new age art scams.

Whether you’re an artist who creates magnificent contemporary art or a sculptor who has mastered the art of creating magic out of lifeless stones, in either case, you are equally exposed to the dreadful world of art scams. There is no denial to the fact that the digital world has made the life of artists and art collectors easy to a great extent, but somewhere it has given the cheats a chance to hide behind masks and pose as art enthusiasts only to turn their darkest agendas into a reality. Numerous contemporary artists have fallen for the tricks which deceitful people play in order to rip the artist off his/her most prized possession.

You must have heard of the famous phrase that all that glitters is not gold. Well, this expression holds immense truth in the context which this blog is going to bring forth. By no means is it being said that every great opportunity which comes your way is a way to con; however, the intention is to foster a set of thoughts in your mind which will safeguard your interests while stopping you from taking the bait of an art scam. Here we present to you few tips which will ring the alarm in your head and will help you in identifying a possible art scam.

  • Be wary of emails which include a lot of flattery:

So, the art buyer is going gaga over your artwork and can’t stop appreciating your contemporary art? Well, excessive amount of sugar turns things bitter and likewise a lot of flattery is a sign that can hint towards the ulterior motives of the person posing as an art buyer. A genuine compliment is very different from fawning. Generally, conmen like to play on the basics of human behaviour. As everyone likes to receive compliments, by overdoing it they expect to bring forth their hidden intentions. So, whenever you come across a mail which tries to flatter you, then get your logic running.

  • Rushing the transaction:

This is a definite red flag. If you come across a situation wherein the buyer is in a hurry to purchase your artwork, then you must get extra cautious. Asking you to ship the artwork on an immediate basis and giving numerous excuses in support of that shouldn’t affect you. You might feel that the buyer is genuine, but still do enough background check as this is one of the most common ways by means of which scammers try to deceit artists.

  • An offer to pay more:

This might look like you’ve found someone who appreciates art, but someone who’s ready to pay more than what you’ve asked for isn’t a good sign. Generally to catch hold of your attention and to cheat you, the person might offer you an amount which is more than your quoted price. This is one of the most alluring baits which has caught many artists in its net. Any such unreasonable offering must ring a bell in your mind and you must look for concrete reasons and facts before selling the painting.

Aforementioned are three of the most common, yet dreadful, baits which have caught hold of numerous artists in today’s times. Irrespective of the fact that whether the artist is dealing in the genre of contemporary art or modern art, these factors remain the same throughout. Surely, as an artist you will be eager to sell your work; however, don’t let this become your weakness which can be exploited by dishonest people who pose as genuine art lovers. Having a suspicious eye won’t cause any harm but will definitely save you from a hundred moments of regret. So, Respect all and suspect all!