What is Contemporary Art?

This art form is termed for the paintings created in our lifetime, i.e. artworks developed after the 1970s. Art since the ancient period has crossed a long road of evolution. Contemporary art is just another evolved state, which rejects and throw away the traditional and academic style of making and perceiving artworks. Modernism also played an impactful role in the evolution of contemporary art. This said, let’s now direct ourselves more towards the varied types of contemporary art that are prominent today.

Different forms of contemporary art

There is a plethora of contemporary art forms each having its unique class and ideology. Ranging from conceptualization and performance to installation and minimalism, each depicts and portrays its own methodology and charm. These art forms can not only be viewed but experienced as well. You can buy contemporary art online from a fine art gallery. Some of the more talked about contemporary art forms that are widely disseminated are performance, installation, minimalism and conceptualization.


It is a beautiful combination of poetry and visual art. The artist communicates with the viewer in a more personal way. Body art is one art form under the banner of Performance Art that has gained momentum oflate. 


The objective of this soothing art form is to create a visually dramatic environment through an arrangement of art. Whilst most art forms occupy little space on the wall, this art form needs huge space or an entire room to showcase its beauty of sequential artistic displays. The aim is to transform the environment into art hence it can also be extended/constructed in outdoor areas. Kinetic lights are often used to enhance its beauty.


These art forms seek to portray just the concept or the idea behind the art. The artist displays only the bare form in the most simplified manner, often making grids or patterns of some kind. The focus is not on expressiveness at all. The artist deliberately avoids the same concentrating more on conveying the intellectual idea behind the art in its purest form.

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It promotes the idea that art not necessarily has to be a materialistic object, in fact, it is the concept which is the real art form. It doesn't require sculpting or painting skills instead ability to portray an idea or concept in a tangible way is desired.

There is a plentitude of contemporary art forms which you can view, experience and make part of your living rooms to enhance its beauty in a subtle manner.