What is the sole purpose of art? What do you think made people craft such magnificent artworks?

Some say the right piece of art can elevate your spirit and boost your inner soul. Few other say that art is the way to get near to your own consciousness.

An artist is supposed to be the historian who collects the instances from his/her time period in the journals known as the painting or similar artwork.

Don’t you think art is the only thing that traveled through the multiple time periods without getting affected?

So, yes, art does travel time. The human culture and civilization have undergone a slow but quite drastic change considering when the art is supposed to start.

You can witness the cultural transformation in the different forms of art such as music, dance, paintings, sculptures, and allied.

Apart from the depiction of different time periods, a piece of art is a repercussion of the artist too. When you are looking at a painting, you are looking at artist’s belief, emotion, his/her way of looking at things, and passion.

There is a big void between what art used to be like 200 years before than what is it now.

Presently, a totally different depiction of artist’s imagination and emotions is being trended and the genre of this form is known as contemporary art.

Everyone wants to buy contemporary art today and why? Because it offers us the exact picture of what’s happening around us.

Through this blog, I am going to show you how contemporary form of art act as a mirror to society. But first, let’s see what art forms used to exhibit in the past.

Art in past

Whatever the time period was, the beauty and elegance of the paintings have always awestruck the people.

Although, I am going to focus more on how artists used to think and what inspired them to pick the brush.

For instance, paintings in the medieval times were majorly based on the tales from the religious epics, wars fought and the power acquired.

The impressionism time frame saw the paintings that showcase the serenity, ebullience, and the elegance of the color.

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Apart from the religious themes, artists in the 20th century also illustrate painful scenes from the world wars that showed the bitter consequences of the ego of few men. Artists in this era was a part of the modern art movement that lasted till the 1970s.

Post this, the contemporary art comes into existence.

Contemporary art and society’s reflection

Contemporary art transformed the way art is looked upon.

Said to be started from the late 20th century (mainly from the 1970s), contemporary paintings broke the shackles of traditional art or the conventional rules.

Previously a piece of art was considered to be the sole work of the artist. But contemporary paintings changed that completely.

Now, if you went to buy contemporary art, your idea of interpretation of the artwork can be totally different from what I presume it is. This freedom of interpretation is somewhere taken from the abstract art form, where artist offers the chance to the viewers to derive the meaning as per their understanding.

Be, it European, American or Indian artists, everyone was suddenly over the idea of capturing the epics from the past. Artists now focus more on the events that are happening in the present.

This is why contemporary paintings are now more concentrated on the social happenings and the autocracies that prevail in the society.

In addition to this, contemporary art has also taken blended inspiration from the abstractionism. You can easily see a pinch of abstract art in the contemporary paintings.

Today, contemporary artists are every day defining not only the art in a new & innovative manner but also reflecting the ugly side of our society.

The artists in today’s time dare to bring the heinous practices in our societies onto their canvas. Contemporary art has completely changed the way artists and the art lovers used to perceive paintings.

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With time, artists have realized that sketching the events of past or the tales of religious epics is not going to bring any change that our society is demanding now.

As a number of issues that are bothering and shattering the humane characteristics are being heard on a regular basis, the artists have now taken the responsibility to take things into their own hands.

While some of the experts still argue that there is little or no difference between modern art and the contemporary form, it is so not true.

Modern art is all about the past events, whereas, contemporary paintings clearly evoke the events that are trending in society today.

There has been a lot of protest from the extremists and the people who fear change, but none could shake the creative flair and the courage of contemporary artists.

All we can say is that for 1000 years from now, these contemporary artworks will be a pure reflection of how our society works presently.

Let’s see what time has stocked for us!

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