People, who dont love art, cant be sensitive towards society. Many people may think that how society and paintings are connected. Well, the society issues are the main resources for the Indian contemporary art. This form of art helps and reflects the society and conveys message through painting. Art is one of the most important mediums where an artist speaks to the art lovers without uttering a word. You must know the phrase "A painting speaks of thousand words". Along with the colors and the concepts it says lots of things and portrays all kinds of sensitive issues. So, if you are an art and lover, you must be aware about the recent happening in the society and can easily relate with it.

From last few years we all know that India is witnessing the injustice against woman and there are several painters who have taken the bold step and have stated their opinions by using their paintings. A pen is mightier than a sword and we all have listened from our respective teachers. After such great initiative by the painters we can also say that a paint brush is enough to convey your opinion on social mishaps. 

There are several painters in the country who have taken the initiative to hold an exhibition on society crimes and have dealt so sensitively with such topics. We salute their perspective towards life and their sensitivity. Painting lovers who love such great Indian modern art and want to collect should contact online Indian art dealers. These art dealers showcase great paintings and provide the opportunity to the customers who are willing to make a collection of great Indian modern art paintings. 

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