Are you passionate about art?

Those who are very passionate about Indian history, art and sculpture, know that the Indian paintings have already reached the sky. Different rulers or kings have introduced their own ideas in the field and have mixed it with the Indian techniques of art. The Indian tradition of art and paintings has been spread by different people from different eras.

Indian art painting is one of the best forms of Indian Art. Rock paintings came in the pre historic times. 7th century welcomed the beautiful carved pillars of Ellora. And let us not forget that the Indian Paintings have completely changed the look of Maharashtra. Indian Paintings portray a bag full of artistic and beautiful artworks, and it also goes back to early civilization. The evolution in this field is the fusion of several traditions and cultures.

Here, we will talk a bit about the artists in the field of Indian Contemporary Art. The Indian Contemporary art has definitely shown us the complexities that India has lived through and is even living today.

Some of the Artists of the Era and Their Works are:

1) Raja Ravi Varma: The Maharashtrian Lady, Galaxy of Musicians, Jatayu Vadham, Hamasa Damayanti are some of his well-known works but the painting that is considered to be his best work is 'There Comes Papa'. In this, he has portrayed his daughter holding his grand daughter.
2) Jatin Das: Shyly, Ecstatic Women, Approaching Woman, Flight of Steel, Poised and reaching out are some of the best works of Jatin Das.
3) Satish Gujral: Femmes Assises, Mourning En Masse, Days of Glory, Raising of Lazaurus and Lovers are some of the greatest works of Satish Gujral.

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In the end, would conclude by saying that art is a medium of seeking peace. So let us live, respect and understand the world of art.